How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape? 

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The summer months are knocking at the door; it’s time to grab some cool sunglasses and beat the heat! Apart from protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, these glasses act as an excellent fashion accessory. You can now add a unique touch to your character, thus standing out from the huge pack. Stuff your wardrobe with these stylish pairs and stay updated with the current trends. From wayfarers to aviators, these glasses will surely turn heads while enhancing your look. 

However, there is one important factor that you need to consider while investing in these accessories- your face shape. If you want your sunglasses to accentuate your features, make sure to choose the right pairs without leaving any room for errors. To ensure that you find the perfect pair, explore different shapes and sizes of glasses frames by CoolFrames or Sunglass Hut, as they offer a wide range of options that are both stylish and functional. For more valuable insights, all you need to do is keep reading! 

What Are the Different Kinds of Face Shape One Can Have? 

Our face shapes can be categorised into 6 types: 

  • Square
  • Round 
  • Rectangle or Oblong 
  • Oval
  • Heart 
  • Diamond 

Suitable Glasses for Different Face Shapes 

Let’s check out the glasses that are suitable for each face shape: 

  • Square Face Shape 

People with square faces typically have a strong jawline or a broad forehead. In order to achieve a balanced look, all you need to do is pick up oval-shaped or round sunglasses. For example, you can browse the internet and order butterfly styles or aviators without any second thoughts. These kinds of eyewear options favour circular and oval curves. 

  • Round Face Shape 

Round-shaped faces have less defined angles and noticeable curves. That’s why you need to pick sunglasses that are square or rectangular in shape. You can opt for colourful frames to steal the spotlight with utmost ease. 

  • Rectangle or Oblong Face Shape 


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Rectangular-shaped faces are generally narrow and long with few angles. By putting on oversized sunglasses, you can now add width to your face. Some of the other options include rectangle or wayfarer styles. However, ensure to avoid small-sized frames as they might not suit your facial structure.

  • Oval Face Shape 

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Individuals with oval-shaped faces can opt for every kind of frame. Thanks to the even and rounded features, you will be able to nail your eyewear game by putting on any frame that you like. Starting from fashion, and sport to cat-eye and funky glasses, everything works fine. However, try to avoid oversized ones and keep things as minimal as possible. 

  • Heart Face Shape 

For heart or triangular-shaped faces, avoid frames that come well-equipped with lower edges in the first place. Instead, women can invest in cat-eye glasses having rounded edges. Attaining a balanced look is no longer a daunting task- after all, there is a ‘frame for every game.’ Triangular faces are best served with aviator, shield, rimless and butterfly-styled frames as well. 

  • Diamond Face Shape 

These kinds of face shapes are characterised by the widest cheekbones and narrow jawlines. With rimless or oval frames, you can choose to complement your high or wide cheekbones. Remember, individuals with diamond-shaped faces should purchase frames that have gentle curves. Ensure that your sunglasses are not wider than your cheekbones. 

Hopefully, you are now quite aware of the right pairs that will suit your face shape in the best possible manner. Grab these beauties from Specscart, one of the leading eyewear brands in the UK and slay your summer look now.