Escape Room: How To Communicate In A Better Way?

Escape Room: How To Communicate In A Better Way?

Escape Room: How To Communicate In A Better Way?

One thing is sure: You will only do well in an escape room if you talk to your teammates. Your team needs to know about every puzzle you solve and every clue you find. Escape rooms have this incredible power to bring out the best in the people who play them. You have to think outside the box, analyse, make connections between ideas and concepts, and even do math puzzles. There are corporate businesses in Australia that use escape rooms for team building, thanks to it becoming famous as one of the best team activities sydney in recent years. Your brain has to go to places it hasn't thought about much before, but the reward is one of the most exciting adventures you can have.

Tips and Tricks For An Escape Room

Here is a list of things you can do to win escape rooms in less than an hour, like keeping track of the time and keeping clues in order.

Pick Your Puzzle Strategically.

If your group gets to choose the puzzle, you should pick a theme for the escape room that most of your group will enjoy. For example, teams with people who know much about ancient history might do better in an Egypt-themed room, while chemists might beat a mad scientist's lab. Most escape room puzzles can be solved even if you need to learn much about the subject. However, if everyone in the group knows a lot about the subject, they will be more confident and be able to find clues faster. Think about how hard the room is as well. Different people on a team may be better or worse at solving puzzles. You should aim for a medium difficulty level to ensure everyone has a good time.

Pay Close Attention To The People Running The Event.

In most professional escape rooms, facilitators lead groups through the games. These guides might be professional actors in the room for the whole game or tell people how to play and explain the rules before the game starts. Often, the guide will give the group hints to help them figure out how to solve a puzzle. Sometimes members of a team must ask for hints directly. But sometimes, the game designers will hide clues in the script, so paying attention is essential.

Surf The Internet A Bit.

One thing that makes virtual escape rooms better than real ones is that you can use the Internet to help you solve online puzzles. Before you start the game, most escape rooms will ask you to put your phone in a lockbox. But when you play a digital escape room, you can usually open another browser window and look up information. One of the best tips for online escape rooms is to use what's on the web. Even though the games can be solved without any outside help, smart web searches can be used as a guide to give hints and speed up the process. Just don't use this trick to cheat and look up the answers to the clues directly.

Talk To Your Teammates & Listen To Them.

Teamwork is needed to solve escape rooms, and teamwork needs communication. One of the best ways to win escape rooms is to talk to your teammates. Players only have a certain amount of time to complete the challenge; if they don't talk to or listen to their teammates, they can waste valuable time. Also, team members may feel hurt if other players don't respond to their ideas, especially if the guide tells them at the end of the game that their answer or gut feeling is right. Saying, "I told you so", or "Why didn't you listen to me?" is not the best way to end the experience. Tell the rest of the group your results, but not so loud that your peers can't hear you.

Keep Cool.

One of the most important things to do in escape rooms is to stay calm and collected, even when things are getting tough. The game's pressure and short time limits can make even the most innovative and skilled pros feel like they will lose it. People may freeze up, give up, or act carelessly when making a quick decision. To do well in escape rooms, keep calm and not get too worked up. Time will pass no matter what, and if you don't get out of the room, the worst thing that will happen is that your pride will be hurt. If you keep your cool and don't argue, you'll be more likely to come up with solutions, and the rest of the group will enjoy the game much more. Test your wits at Intrepid Escape Rooms Orange County this weekend to experience the magic.

Get The Keys.

One of the most common parts of escape rooms is locks, and keys are one of the most common ways to get out. One of the most common escape room hints is to look for keys. The game masters will probably hide keys in places that aren't obvious or add extra keys to make things harder for the group. For the best results, tell everyone when you find a key. If there are multiple keys, put them all in the same place. Rarely will the same key open more than one lock, so keep the key in the lock once you've unlocked a latch so you understand the key, lose the key, or try the wrong key in other locks.


Going into the room with a plan and a system can make the game more accessible and fun, and when you win, you'll feel even better. Also, if you approach escape rooms with a plan, you can practise skills you can use at work and in your personal life, like staying calm in a crisis, solving problems under pressure, and working as a team.