6 Interesting Facts about Lion Dance That One Should Know

6 Interesting Facts about Lion Dance That One Should Know

The Lion Dance is a prehistoric Chinese tradition that was started 2,000 years back. The dance involves a team of individuals who have to wear a lion costume to perform the dance and mimic a lion’s movements. In addition, the lion dance is performed at many festivals and special occasions. There are several amazing facts about this particular dance that most people may not be aware of.

Lion Dance Performance

The Lion Dance is a complex and thrilling performance that requires great skill and coordination between the performers. The dancers must be strong and skilled, as they need to move quickly and elegantly in the heavy lion costume. Many other significant elements played with the dance, including:

  • the sound of drums
  • cymbals
  • gongs

The Symbolism of the Lion Dance

The lion dance is not only a form of entertainment but also a symbolic performance. The lion is a powerful animal representing courage, strength, wisdom, and good luck. The dance is believed to bring prosperity and affluence to society. Further, it is usually performed during significant events such as weddings and business or company openings.

Lion Dance Costumes

Two individuals in a lion costumes perform the lion dance. After wearing the costume, the dancers will become the lion’s body as the one performer who is in the front is the limbs and head. On the other hand, the second one is the back and hind legs. In addition, usually, the head of the lion looks like a dragon and is oversized.

The Lion Dance Is Performed In Several Styles

There are various styles of lion dance, and every style comes with its own unique moves and sounds. Some of the most popular styles of lion dance include

  • northern lion dance
  • Southern lion dance
  • Tibetan lion dance

UNESCO Recognizes Lion Dance As an Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO recognized the lion dance as an intangible cultural heritage in 2009. This makes this dance popular and raises its awareness worldwide; today, it is performed in several countries, including China and Singapore.

Women Were Not Allowed To Perform the Lion Dance

Previously, the martial arts academies organized the lion dance; that’s why women were typically barred from doing this particular dance form. However, over time, dance troupes have encouraged women to take part and join lion dance troupes, and now many females are part of the lion dance team.