5 Ways to Make Wearing Dresses More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Wearing Dresses More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Wearing Dresses More Comfortable

Dresses are perfect for those days when you want to wear something stylish and comfortable without doing much more than simply throwing something on. But in some cases, it’s easy to second-guess whether you actually want to wear a dress. Factors like the weather, the fabric of the dress, and how the dress makes you feel once it’s on can make you hesitate and put it back in the closet. 

With that in mind, there are still several things you can do to help you feel both comfortable and confident when rocking your favorite dresses. Here are five tips you can follow to make wearing dresses more comfortable and thus make it easier to wear the dress you like on virtually any occasion. 

Use Anti-Chafe Products

It’s difficult to look and feel cute in your dress if you’re in pain, and one of the most painful things you can experience while wearing a dress is the thigh chafe, or “chub rub.” This skin problem is a result of your thighs rubbing together, causing the skin on your inner thighs to chafe. When the chafing isn’t dealt with properly, it can leave the skin raw and bleeding, making even simple movements like walking uncomfortable.

Thankfully, there are plenty of anti-chafe products out there on the market. You can apply one of these between your thighs to stop the chafing. These anti-chafe lotions, balms, and powders can reduce perspiration between the thighs and moisturize the skin. Their effects are also long-lasting, so you can enjoy wearing your dress all day long without the fear of your thighs chafing and irritating your skin.

Wear Tights or Shorts Underneath Your Dress

If you don’t feel like applying anti-chafe products between your thighs, it’s also a viable option to wear tights or shorts underneath your dress instead. Although wearing bottoms with your dress means adding an extra layer to your outfit, a pair of shorts or tights can absorb sweat and provide you with extra coverage on cold or windy days. 

When choosing what type of tights or shorts to wear, make sure that the garment is made from durable and comfortable material. When you buy high-quality tights and shorts, you can rest assured that they’ll feel better on your skin and won’t get ripped up easily.

Wear a Camisole

Another piece of clothing you can wear under your dress is a camisole. This undergarment is usually made from a lightweight fabric, and it’s designed to help keep you cool and comfortable by absorbing sweat. It also provides you with a bit more coverage, which means you can wear daring dresses without feeling like you’re revealing too much.

Camisoles also come in a variety of styles, which means that you can find one that complements the kind of dress you’re wearing. For example, if your dress has a low neckline, you can wear a camisole with a thin strap to make it seem like it’s part of the dress. If you’re wearing a tight bodycon dress, on the other hand, you can slip on a long camisole to help smoothen out the fabric. 

Use Dress Tape, Liquid Fashion Tape, or Dress Weights

If the weather is windy or the fabric of your dress makes it difficult to secure the garment on your body, you can use fashion adhesive products to help keep it in place. Dress tape, or double-sided adhesive products that are made just for dresses, can be used to hold various sections of your dress down. You can apply dress tape underneath your dress straps to stop them from falling off your shoulders, or you can put some under the edges of a dramatic neckline to reduce the risk of wardrobe malfunctions. 

Liquid fashion tape, on the other hand, works the same way as dress tape but in liquid form. This type of fashion adhesive works not only with clothing, but with jewelry, socks, and wigs as well.

Another type of fashion adhesive that can help you feel more comfortable wearing short, flowy dresses is a set of dress weights. Unlike the other two adhesives mentioned above, dress weights are used to weigh down your dress’s skirt to stop it from blowing in the wind. When they're strategically placed on the dress’s hemline, you’ll no longer have to stop and hold down your dress when a strong gust of wind blows by.

Wear Dresses That Flatter the Shape of Your Body

You’ll want to wear dresses that make you both look and feel good, so it’s important to choose garments that flatter the shape of your body. Dresses that suit your body will also make your outfit look more cohesive since the dress brings out your body’s best features. 

To help you find the right dresses for your body type, here are a few tips for how to dress according to the shape of your body:

    • Pear. Women with pear-shaped bodies have thinner upper bodies and larger hips and thighs. To add balance to their outfit, a person with a pear-shaped body should opt for dresses that emphasize the bust area and come with A-line or full skirts. 
    • Apple. Women with apple-shaped bodies have broader shoulders compared to their hips, so dresses that draw attention to their upper body can help accentuate their shape. Women with this body type also have slender legs, so they look great wearing shorter dresses.
  • Rectangular or straight. Women who have a rectangular or straight body type aren’t particularly curvy, but their weight is fairly evenly distributed. Their shoulders and hip measurements are also nearly identical, so they have a more balanced frame. One advantage that women with this body type have is that most dress styles work with their shape. In your case, it’s just a matter of figuring out which feature of your body you’d like to emphasize.
  • Hourglass. Women with hourglass bodies are curvy and have a well-defined shape. As a result, dresses that emphasize their curves and waist give them an elegant silhouette. Find dresses that define your body shape in the way you like and that fit you perfectly.


Wearing dresses should be easy, but some things can get in the way, making this classic garment feel uncomfortable and unflattering. These tips, however, should help you get the most out of a variety of dresses, no matter the weather or occasion!