4 Tips on How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

4 Tips on How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

4 Tips on How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

When choosing the right swimsuit for your body type and shape, you must consider how your torso, bust, and buttocks look. In addition, determine what features you want to conceal or need shaping. From there, know what necklines, cuts, waist levels, and patterns would help cover or highlight your features.

The right swimsuit will be your ultimate beach companion. You must feel confident and beautiful when wearing swimwear regardless of body shape and size. You should check out locoboutique.com to choose some valuable swimwear as they can provide you with suitable quality that fits your body.

Determine Your Vertical Balance

Your torso type affects how a swimsuit flatters the body. For example, a short torso has a higher hipline and longer legs. In contrast, you have a longer torso if your hipline is lower, creating an elongated torso and shorter legs.

It helps to wear a swimsuit that creates the illusion of a longer body frame if you have a short torso. Great examples are one-piece suits with vertical blocks of color or high-neck swimwear with an asymmetrical pattern.

Those with long torsos will benefit from different types of bikini bottoms that naturally shorten the torso, such as high-waist cheeky bottoms.

Balance the Bust Size

If you have a small bust size, you can wear a one-piece bikini top with ruffles, bold colors, or embellishments to build up your bust. Consider using bras with padding or molded cups.

Meanwhile, those with large busts will benefit from comfortable yet highly supportive swimsuits. Bras with full-coverage cups, underwire, and thick chest bands will provide the best support.

For those with an inverted triangle body, you must draw away from the shoulders to balance the bust and your lower body. Use patterns or side straps that draw the eyes down in such cases.

Shape the Buttocks

Looking your best at the beach also entails knowing what swimsuit flatters your backside. The goal is to build shape if you have a flat booty, and you can achieve this using bikini bottoms with ruching or large prints.

On the other hand, you must prioritize coverage if you have large buttocks. High-waist, maxi, and control briefs are among the best styles for this body type.

Know How What Body Parts You Want to Highlight

About 65% of women think finding the perfect swimsuit is harder than the right pair of jeans. Moreover, around 48% would only wear bikinis if they lost 20 pounds or more.

However, you can wear a swimsuit anytime if you style your features according to your body type.

  • Rectangle: The shoulders, bust, waist, and hips have similar widths if you have a thin, rectangular-shaped body. Bandeau necklines with playful patterns can add volume to the torso.
  • Curvy: You can highlight your curves using asymmetrical patterns and color-blocking to accentuate your neckline instead of the waist.
  • Apple: Those with apple-shaped bodies may cover the tummy using swimsuits with a peplum design, faux wrap front, or tummy-control panels.
  • Pear: If you have fuller hips or thighs, you can wear boyshorts that cover the hips to make you look slimmer.
  • Triangle: If your hips are wider than the shoulders and bust, you'll need swimsuits that slim the lower body. Shapely necklines and empire-style waistlines can draw attention to your upper body.


Every woman's body shape is unique, so what works for others may not be flattering to you. Hence, it's crucial that you understand how your body looks, so you'll know how to accentuate your features best and find the perfect swimwear for your body shape.