Why Is Michigan Becoming A Popular Destination Again?

Why Is Michigan Becoming A Popular Destination Again?

Why Is Michigan Becoming A Popular Destination Again?

Photo by William Duggan on Unsplash

Why not?

So the question is, why is Michigan becoming a popular destination again? The answer is simple because it is awesome. If you love the great outdoors, it is hard to beat the Great Lakes State. Here you will find stunning accessible landscapes and vast open wilderness.  There are places for skiing and snorkelling. You can find family fun, starry skies, and every form of outdoor adventure.

Sophisticated adventures

It's not all Boy Scout-style adventure, either. Michigan has a sophisticated side with great nightlife, shops, and top-class places to eat and stay. So everyone can enjoy a slice of The Wolverine state, even if they aren't into football!

Something for everyone

There are scenic routes to follow on the state's wide open roads and rugged trails off the beaten track. Winter sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice at Michigan's winter resorts. Music lovers can explore the roots of Tamala Motown music or dance the night away in the city clubs. Foodies, thrill-seekers, and families are flocking to Michigan for their vacations.

Open for business

However, it is not only tourists who are rekindling their love for Michigan. The state has become the latest desirable location for tech entrepreneurs to set up basecamp. In addition, Michigan's universities are training talent ready to take up challenging roles in tech-related industries, from autonomous cars to semiconductor production. 

A tech revolution

In addition, the tech giants are setting up shop here, too – recent arrivals include Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Attractive real estate prices, generous state grants, and a pool of highly skilled people have drawn them to Michigan. Inevitably, tech companies cluster together, and people spark ideas off each other, creating more clusters. One of the booming sectors is cybersecurity. With recent aerial oddities happening, cybersecurity is pushed higher up the agenda.

Check out the casinos

While many US states can offer the great outdoors and beautiful scenery, Michigan has a trump card to play. Unlike most other US states, online casino gambling is legal here. It is not only permitted but regulated, meaning that locals and visitors are protected from shady operators. It is easy to find the best Michigan online casinos as they have to have a license to operate legally. Check the site is displaying the license before spending any money at the casino.

You must visit the Motown Museum

Michigan has always had a creative flair. Its most famous export, other than cars, is its music. Soul legends were born and raised here. Their struggles created some of the finest music ever. Despite being made in the sixties, the Tamala sound still fills dance floors worldwide. The Motown Museum in Detroit celebrates the music legacy. Based in the house where Berry Gordy started the label, you can stand in the studios where soul superstars like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross recorded their tracks. A tour is included in the entrance fee, and you might find yourself participating in a performance.

Winter Wonderland

For those searching for a winter wonderland, Michigan offers some fantastic snowy getaways. For example, Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa at Boyne Falls provides skiing, snowboarding, Sno-Go biking, and so much more. 

However, it is not all action there. The apres-ski is impressive too. There is a selection of spas to choose from and an indoor waterpark. In addition, you will find indoor/outdoor heated pools, a fitness center, cafés, and restaurants.  In addition, Michigan's mountains offer cross-country skiing, ice skating, horse riding, ziplining, snowshoeing, and tubing. 

Summer fun

Michigan is a superb place to reconnect with nature. For many, it is a destination of choice for a camping trip. That is hardly surprising as it has a great range of camping grounds. There are facilities to suit every budget and style of camping, whether you are bringing a tent, RV or trailer

If camping isn't your thing, you can still get a taste of the great outdoors by staying in a forest lodge or at any of the interesting rentals you can find on vacation sites like Airbnb. 

Anyone with a love of the water will find so many activities to choose from. Remember that the water will be colder here than in states further south, so you might want to pack a wetsuit if you plan to be in the water for a long time. There are all kinds of activities to choose from, including snorkelling, kayaking, rafting, and paddle boarding. 

A tall trip ship to remember

Tourist businesses in Michigan understand that to attract people, they need to offer an unforgettable experience. With that in mind, what better way to enjoy the Lake State than by taking a trip on a sailing ship? The Traverse Tall Ship Company offers foodie cruises. There is also the option of staying on board the one hundred-and-fourteen-foot schooner, Manitou, as they provide a floating bed and breakfast service.

A popular destination for football fans

We cannot talk about Michigan's popularity without mentioning its college football team – The Wolverines. They look set to do incredibly well in 2023, and their fan base continues to grow. Any football fan wants to see their team do well, and it is fun to watch the live action.