Why do People Prefer Lab-Grown Engagement Rings in 2023?

Why do People Prefer Lab-Grown Engagement  Rings in 2023?

Why do People Prefer Lab-Grown Engagement Rings in 2023?

Lab-created diamonds have been growing in popularity and are a good choice when considering engagement rings. However, the challenge with buying lab-grown diamonds is that the idea is met with skepticism. Also, People prefer affordable engagement rings for their loved ones. Keeping richness and affordability in balance is what lab grown diamonds are all about. 

That’s because such a diamond doesn’t line up with the notion of romance for some people. But let’s first get familiar with lab-created diamonds.

Lab diamonds are made in a controlled laboratory environment using the Chemical Vapor Deposition method. The other method that’s used to manufacture diamonds used in affordable engagement rings for women is High-Pressure High Temperature. These lab diamonds look like earth-mined diamonds.

They contain the same chemical and physical attributes as mined diamonds. Moreover, they also receive certification through the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Preferred for Engagement Rings

Deciding on the best but most affordable unique engagement rings can be overwhelming. That’s especially true if your knowledge of diamonds is limited. There’s also a common misconception that mined diamonds are the only way to say, “I do.” But the fact is that lab-created diamond rings can be a better choice.

It’s important to note that lab-created diamonds are just as real and fantastic as mined diamonds. They also come with unique benefits that you may not find in earth-mined diamonds.

 So don’t sell yourself short by overlooking high-quality and stunning lab-created engagement rings. Join the discussion below to find out why people now prefer lab-grown engagement rings. 

Lab-Created Diamonds Are Ethically Sourced

You don’t have to stream “Blood Diamond” to know about the unfair practices of the diamond mining industry. It ranges from child labor practices to human rights violations. There’s also peripheral bloodshed and work-related accidents that are a health risk. Simply put, diamond mining delivers no shortage of controversy and conflict.

 The conflicts are proof that diamond mining exploits the poor. It also enables wars and results in injuries among workers. The mines themselves are vulnerable to collapse. This exposes workers to lung disease, cancer, and the loss of their hearing ability, among other health risks.

 If you were to compare mined and lab-grown diamonds, the latter creates zero injuries, sparks zero wars, and does not exploit workers. This is one of the reasons why many couples today prefer lab-grown diamonds.  

Ideal Brightness and Clarity


Remember that lab diamonds are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. This means that all the same options are available for your lab-grown engagement ring. 

Keep in mind that lab-created diamonds are offered in the same size, designs, and diamond cuts. You must also note that during the manufacturing of lab diamonds, these gemstones usually do not contain the same inclusions that earth-mined diamonds do.

What this means is that your affordable engagement rings will have a clearer and brighter stone that’s nearly flawless. 

Lab Diamonds Are Virtually Indistinguishable from Mined Diamonds

Most people who love diamond jewelry are usually surprised to learn that lab-grown diamonds are real. But just like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have the same visual, chemical, and physical properties. 

An engagement ring that’s made from diamonds that have been manufactured in the lab is just as beautiful. It also sparkles and catches the eye, just like traditionally mined diamonds. 

Lab-Created Diamonds Are Eco-Friendly

Although earth-mined diamonds look amazingly beautiful, the mining process wreaks havoc on the environment. That’s because the process requires huge machinery and explosives. These machines dig deep into the earth and disturb residents.

They also cause water pollution and render the land unusable. Moreover, this process creates literal tons of mineral waste. Let’s also not forget:

  • The carbon emissions
  • Occasional disasters
  • Energy and water usage
  • The emission of hazardous gases such as sulfur oxide 

Earth-mined diamonds produce over 125 pounds of carbon per carat. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, only generate 6 pounds of carbon per carat. Mined diamonds also produce more than 30 pounds of sulfur oxide

Their counterparts that are grown in the lab produce none. In total, the air emissions from a single carat of earth-mined diamonds are 1.5 billion times higher compared to those of lab diamonds.

When it comes to water and energy use, mined diamonds use more than 126 gallons of water. They also consume 538.5 million joules per carat. If we are to do a comparison, lab-grown diamonds only consume 18 gallons of water and 250 million joules per carat. Moreover, most of the energy that’s used in the manufacture of lab diamonds is renewable.

Finally, earth-mined diamonds take up 100 square feet of land per carat. They also produce more than 5798 pounds of mineral waste. As for the lab-grown diamonds, they only disrupt 0.07 square feet of land per carat. They then go on to produce just 1 pound of mineral waste.

More Bling for Your Buck

By now, you already know that lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically the same as mined diamonds. The only difference is that they come from different places. So why won’t you spend a little more cash to get that diamond tennis bracelet?

The reality about costs, however, is that lab-grown diamonds make for affordable, unique engagement rings. You also get to snag a much bigger diamond on the same budget. Like 1-2 carats larger and at the same price.

This is all due to supply and demand, as laboratories that manufacture these gemstones can meet the demand. It causes man-made diamonds to cost less as the market isn’t artificially infiltrated, as is the case with natural diamonds. 

Note that lab-created diamonds cost about half the price of mined diamonds. You can also go for a bigger diamond now that you’ll be saving a ton with this choice of diamonds. We’re talking about a difference of tens and thousands of dollars if you get over the 4 or 5ct mark. Thus, if you choose to get yourself a lab-grown diamond, you can have the giant rock of your dreams.

Colored Diamonds

Because of the unique and rare process of mining, colorful natural diamonds tend to have a very high price tag. It can also be difficult to find these diamonds in your preffered size and shape.

That’s why people prefer diamond engagement rings that are made from man-made diamonds. You can easily find them in any color, whether pink, yellow, black, or even blue.

Colored lab-created diamonds sell for a more reasonable price compared to their naturally occurring counterparts. And thanks to the lab’s capacity to make unique chemical compounds, consumers can find perfectly colored stones without an endless search.

Lab-Created Diamonds are Inclusive

A lower price tag comes with the assumption that lab-created diamonds are more inclusive for couples. When looking for a wedding dress, a lot of brides go for designers that can provide inclusive styles and size ranges. 

Lab-created diamonds are the same because, no matter what your style is or your price range, these diamonds are more accessible no matter your background. 

A Glittery Glow Up

Are you aware of the fact that man-made diamonds have a high-key sparkle? These diamonds are cut to increase their sparkle.

Remember that lab-created diamonds are renewable. As such, cutters can focus more on giving every diamond the perfect diamond cut, thus bringing out the best in every rock.

The challenge here is that mined diamonds get pulled out of the ground when a larger one gets discovered. This encourages cutters to try to maximize carat. Consumers also focus so much on getting a higher carat that they compromise on the cut. 

The fact is that the diamond cut is responsible for everything we love about those gemstones. In any case, a poorly cut diamond cannot reflect as much light. That means that it will look dark and dull.

A well-cut diamond stone, however, will reflect the maximum amount of brilliance and fire. And considering that lab-grown diamonds are cut with this in mind, it’s easier to find a well-cut lab diamond with the absolute most in the sparkle department. 

Why Be Simple When You Can Stan?

Lab-grown diamonds are more accessible compared to mined diamonds. Diamonds are usually created to match the demand in the market. And as a result, there are a lot more specific options available. Thus, you can get the diamond wedding jewelry that you want instead of settling for what you can find. 

The lower prices for lab diamonds are also an added advantage. So you don’t have to limit yourself to the few natural diamonds that happen to fall within your budget. Instead, expand your search and ensure that you find the diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

You can also narrow down your search to get the exact size, shape, and sparkle combination that you need. Now, if getting what you want with lab-created diamonds isn’t a win, we don’t know what is.

They Are a Love Investment

The fact that lab-grown diamonds are more affordable compared to mined diamonds scares some people. But what about the traditional thinking about diamond jewelry being a financial investment? Let’s begin by breaking down this kind of thinking. 

No kind of diamond is a financial investment, whether mined or lab-created. Unless, of course, you’re purchasing museum-worthy rarities. If we’re to make a comparison, diamonds are like cars. 

That’s because they lose major value as soon as you buy them. In fact, resale prices for diamonds are usually attributed to capitalism. Yes, a lot of companies buy back diamonds and resell them to someone else. By doing this, they're able to make a profit, meaning that they offer you significantly less for it. 

Also, there’s much less of a buy-back market for man-made diamonds. So couples aren’t buying lab-grown diamond engagement rings as a financial investment. They prefer them because it’s an investment in their relationship. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Unique

Some people think that the uniqueness of natural diamonds is incomparable and that lab diamonds don’t have that. But nothing could be further from the truth.

There are two processes through which lab-grown diamonds can be created. There are the CVD diamonds and the HPHT diamonds. During the manufacturing process, the diamond seed passes on its characteristics to a newly formed diamond. 

But every lab diamond is grown individually. This is the same case with mined diamonds that have their own personality, color, inclusion, and everything else. So no two diamonds are the same, even if they’re lab-created. It’s due to this individuality that couples choose to buy lab-grown engagement rings just like they would mined diamond jewelry.

Lab Diamonds Go With Everything

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings go with everything, no matter what you choose to wear.

These diamonds are preferred for every use. They reflect your individuality and allow you to express yourself no matter what you do. Moreover, they are durable, and you can also clean them easily. 

With lab-grown diamond jewelry, you can complete every look, whether it’s for a business meeting or a day out with friends. You can even add some pops of color with a soufflé-pink pendant or diamond studs. 

They are Affordable

Unlike earth-mined diamonds, the manufacturing process of lab diamonds does not take several years. This is one of the reasons why they are inexpensive. They generally retail for 30 – 40 percent less compared to natural diamonds. The fact is that these gemstones make for a great bargain given their quality. 

Final Take Away

If you love diamond jewelry, then it’s time to hop on the lab-created option because it's the future. You can start your journey by visiting digitally native brands that have become reputable over time. 

A brand like CleanOrgin has a brilliant selection of lab-created diamond wedding jewelry that is indisputably comprehensive. They are accessible and affordable.

The lab-created diamond market also has custom-built rings, wedding sets, eternity bands, diamond studs, and a lot more. Most of these products also come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and a return policy.

 You can also get free shipping and free resizing as part of the package. So go ahead and buy that lab-created diamond engagement ring, pop the question, and prepare to spend forever with the love of your life.