What Type of Jewelry Do Girls Like the Most? (With Special Tips)

What Type of Jewelry Do Girls Like the Most? (With Special Tips)

What Type of Jewelry Do Girls Like the Most? (With Special Tips)

Jewelry can be a beautiful addition to a woman's style. Whether or not to wear jewelry depends mainly on a woman's stylistic choice and preference. Many women out there can't think of going out without wearing at least a single piece of jewelry.

Modern-day jewelry pieces are quite different compared to older days. People's preferences changed, and so did their concept of fashion. These days, girls love wearing simple statement bracelets, ear studs and hoops, plain chains, and necklaces. 

Women don't see jewelry only as a luxury anymore. While of course, there's no denying the fact that most jewelry is quite expensive. Especially if you opt for gold, silver, or platinum, you have to spend quite a fortune. But now there are many options. You don't necessarily have to buy expensive jewelry to doll yourself up. 

Types of Jewelry Materials that Girls Love

Jewelries are ornaments made from solid or mixed metals, precious or semi-precious gems, or jewels. Manufacturers and designers use various materials to create intricate and classic jewelry pieces. Let's discuss the types of material that girls love these days. 


There are so many different types of metals used in making jewelry. Some of the most loved ones by girls are mentioned below.

  • 1- Different types of gold 

Gold has never lost its popularity. People have been choosing gold over other materials as it ruled the jewelry industry. Even though gold is no longer a default option, women still love to wear little gold now and then. 

Girls, however, have found an interest in other types of gold - white gold, rose gold, gold-filled, and gold-plated. Gold has three categories - regular gold, white gold, and rose gold. 

Regular gold was the most popular for a long time. Women of the modern era prefer white gold and rose gold jewelry. 

  • 2- Sterling silver 

Now comes another traditional favorite metal for jewelry - silver. Silver, almost like gold, has always been loved by women of all ages. It is more affordable compared to gold and platinum but looks gorgeous. 

You need to know how to style silver jewelry with your outfit, and you should be good to go. Girls love mixing and matching different jewelry types to match their outfits and places. Silver can be an excellent option as it always stays in style. 

However, the color may change a little with time, so you may need to polish or clean them up from time to time. Many people love the natural oxidized tone that silver gets after some years of use. The best thing about silver is that it will last you a lifetime with minimal care. 

  • 3- Platinum 

Platinum, a rare metal, has won the hearts of many boys and girls with its sturdy nature; but it is costly. Jewelry made of platinum is an excellent option for everyday use as it is resistant to rusting and corrosion. Platinum wedding rings are an absolute favorite to many. 

  • 4- Titanium

Titanium has gained massive popularity due to its unique but bold appearance. Although it's more famous as a men's jewelry material, many women also love it. 


Now let's talk about the world of gemstones. Gemstones have always been an inseparable part of jewelry. Among many gemstones, the most desired ones loved by girls are amber, opal, jade, sapphire, turquoise, and pearl, apart from the most talked about one - diamond.

  • 1- Diamond

Diamond is unmatchable to most other gemstones and even metals in popularity. It is known for its shiny appearance as well as its value. Most girls dream of owning at least one piece of jewelry containing diamonds. 

  • 2- Pearl

Another gemstone worth mentioning is the pearl. Pearls are beautiful in their own way. Girls love wearing pearl jewelry, whether it includes metal or just pure pearls. Pearl jewelry is often considered a piece of timeless elegance. 

Enamel work

Enamel jewelry is another work of art loved by women worldwide. The most exciting thing about enamel jewelry is that they are simultaneously new, unique, and classy.

There are many enamel pieces where different types of metals are incorporated into the design. Enamel jewelry is mostly opaque or misty, which creates a stunning outlook. 

What types of jewelry do girls like the most?

There are so many different types of options when it comes to jewelry. People's preferences change, and so do trends and styles. Modern-day girls love to own and wear the following types of jewelry.

#1- Hoops

Hoops are a staple in most girls' accessory collections. They love wearing gold hoops, silver hoops, or inexpensive ones. 

Hoops are available in both small and big sizes; also, you can find them in different shapes, like star shape, heart shape, triangles, and of course, the most common, circular shape. Circular hoops are the classiest and go with almost any outfit. 

#2- Bracelets

Many girls can't even think about going out without wearing something on their wrists. Hence, bracelets are quite popular among girls. 

Although people are not that into heavy work bracelets anymore. Modern-day bracelets are simple yet look elegant. 

#3- Watch

Women love to carry a watch these days. It was not so popular before. However, modern-day girls are more confident about wearing watches. 

With the introduction of so many different brands, women can now choose their favorite watch from a vast list of brands and designs. 

Not only the fancy and expensive ones, but some girls are also into simple, inexpensive watches that are easy to carry and super affordable at the same time. 

#4- Ear studs

Ear studs always have been, and still are, extremely popular among both young girls and adult women. If you are an office worker, you may already have lots of beautiful pairs of ear studs.


#5- Ear huggies

A unique and interesting addition to a lot of girls' jewelry lists is the ear huggies. So what are these ear huggies? They are small earrings that stay close to the earlobes but create a lovely statement look. 

Huggie hoops are also quite popular among women these days. The best part about them is that they fit snuggly and look classy but keep the focus on your attire. 

#6- Layered necklace

Layered necklaces are so in trend these days. They come in different colors and styles. You can quickly get your hands on a beautiful piece made of any material of your choice, as they are available in various online and physical marketplaces. 

If you are looking for special necklaces for girlfriend or a family member, you can consider going for layered necklaces. The best part about layered necklaces is that they bring something new to your styling. 

Also, you can wear them however you want. You can wear just one or two layers and send the remaining ones to the back of your neck. They complement all types of dresses. 

#7- Cocktail ring

Another unique piece of jewelry that is quite common these days is a cocktail ring. It is just like a regular ring, but the center stone (or combination of stones) is large and eye catchy. 

While they may not be a good option for everyday use, they make quite a statement for a party or special event outlook. They can be adorned with both precious and semi-precious stones, turquoise, and pearls. 

#8- Simple, plain chains

Chains are always in style. You don't have to match a chain with your daily outfits; they complement anything and everything. 

Girls love to wear simple chains as they look classy and don't cover too much of the skin. Also, chains highlight the beautiful features of a girl's neck that make her appear as a stronger individual while enhancing her femininity. 

#9- Simple rings

Rings have both cultural and romantic significance. Alongside that, a simple and classy ring can take people's attention to your hand. 

There are different varieties of rings available in the market. Some girls prefer to use precious metals, like gold, silver, or even platinum. You can always choose simple, inexpensive rings to complete your look. 

Tips for Girls Who Love Jewelry

If you recently got into jewelry, you should know more about the purchasing game so you can invest better and enjoy the beauty of your pieces for a long time. Check out the following tips that may come to your help.

  • Start with the basics and start low if you are just recently getting into purchasing or wearing jewelry.
  • Invest in quality pieces; it can be something other than luxury ones.
  • Be mindful and examine carefully (if possible) before purchasing any jewelry.
  • Go for high-quality plated ones if you plan to purchase plated jewelry. 
  • Keep some sentimental or personalized pieces; they can be the ones that are easily affordable or made of luxury materials (as per your choice).
  • Don't layer too many jewelry pieces together.
  • Pick jewelry that you can mix and match and also style together.
  • Pick necklaces of different lengths, and most of all, know your size when it comes to any jewelry.
  • Take care of your jewelry pieces. 


Now that we discussed different types of materials and types of jewelry that girls love the most, let's look at some frequently asked questions.

Are girls more into expensive jewelry?

It depends on the preference. Some girls like to spend their hard-earned money on jewelry pieces they dream of getting their hands on. At the same time, some girls prefer inexpensive ones. However, it's better not to go for cheap, low-quality materials as they won't last. 

Platinum or gold - which one is more popular?

Again, the choice varies from person to person. If you consider modern-day fashion, more girls are interested in purchasing white gold and rose gold jewelry. While at the same time, platinum is always a good choice if you can afford it. 

Less is more - how true is it when it comes to jewelry?

Women like the philosophy - 'less is more' when it comes to jewelry. This applies to both luxurious and inexpensive jewelry. Stacking too many pieces of jewelry may compromise beauty. You don't necessarily have to go minimalistic; focus on a few pieces to create a statement. 

Solid vs plated - which one should you go for? 

If you can afford solid metal jewelry, you should go for that. Solid metal ones last a long time and won't tarnish or wear off. On the other hand, if you prefer to buy plated jewelry, you must look carefully and invest only in high-grade plated pieces. 


Jewelry can be an essential part of any girl's wardrobe. While it's also popular among men, most jewelry brands focus on catering to women's fashion and choice. The right piece of jewelry can enhance your personality and give your outlook completion. 

The conventional way of wearing jewelry is different from the trend these days. Rather than spending money on low-quality jewelry that may tarnish or wear off with time, you should invest in quality pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Many girls must wear at least something while going out, be it a simple ring, thin bracelet, plain studs, or watch. The relationship between jewelry and women is quite exceptional. If you are planning on getting your loved one a piece of jewelry, we hope this article gives you some idea.