What is the history of men’s boho yoga pants, and how to style them

What is the history of men’s boho yoga pants, and how to style them

What is the history of men's boho yoga pants, and how to style them

The history of boho yoga pants for men dates back to the 1800s when the bloomers were seen as a statement against gender roles. They were worn by women as undergarments and as a fashion piece when paired with long, puffy dresses (Henderson).

The flowing hippy styles of the 1960s and 1970s had harem pants as one of this period's main trends. Today, these pants are still a popular choice amongst many yogis.


Bohemian pants are the perfect combination of colors, patterns, and designs. They are made from rayon fabrics, which keep you cool and comfortable, even when it's warm outside. They have elastic closures at the ankles to allow you to move your legs freely and are a great option for yoga or other holistic activities that require fluid movement. 

This style also fits a wide range of body types, with an adjustable waist that can be worn high or low. You can mix and match this type of pants with a fitted top for a more sophisticated look, or try them with a flowy shirt for a relaxed, boho look.


When choosing a pair of men's yoga pants, you'll want to find something that combines softness, stretchability, and breathability. It will help you stay cool and dry throughout a class, but it can also keep you comfortable while lounging or running errands. The best yoga pants for men are usually made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex. They are lightweight and breathable, but they can also be durable when worn over time.

The best mens yoga pants will also have a couple of features you'll appreciate, like a drawstring waist and an elastic back. They'll also come in various styles and colors to fit any personality. The best of all are those with a few extras, such as rib cuffs that will help keep your pants from riding up during handstands or other inverted poses. These rib cuffs are not only functional, but they look cool too.


Boho yoga pants have been a vital part of the hippie movement since the 1970s. They have since become a staple in the contemporary world of fashion. Both women and men wear them, often seen as part of a hippie-inspired outfit. They are typically made of lightweight materials, and they offer a more relaxed fit than jeans. They are also usually shorter than other types of pants and can be paired with a wide range of tops for an on-trend look.

Unisex yoga pants are becoming popular among boho hippies because they are comfortable, stylish, and can be worn in many different ways. One of our favorite styles is the  Ajilo Yoga Pants, which are available online. 

They are stretchy and made from 100% cotton. The pants can be smocked to your liking, which makes them super comfortable. They are an excellent option for casual yoga, the beach, or even for a fun, casual brunch with friends. You can find them in various colors and prints to match your personal style.

How to style men's boho yoga pants

When it comes to styling men's yoga pants, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Fit: Make sure the pants fit well and are not too tight or loose. The fit should be comfortable and allow for ease of movement during yoga or other activities.
  2. Color: Choose a color that works well with other items in your wardrobe. Black, gray, and navy are versatile options that can be paired with various tops and shoes.
  3. Fabric: Look for high-quality fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchy. It will ensure that the pants are comfortable and functional during exercise.
  4. Layering: Depending on the weather and your style, consider layering the yoga pants with a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket.
  5. Footwear: Choose footwear that complements the pants. Sneakers or running shoes are popular for yoga and other fitness activities.
  6. Accessories: Minimal accessories are best with yoga pants. A simple wristwatch or fitness tracker can add a functional element to the outfit.

The key to styling men's yoga pants is to keep them simple and comfortable. Choose high-quality fabrics, a neutral color palette, and practical accessories to create a stylish and functional outfit for yoga and other activities.