Time Management Tools: 10 Apps and Programs to Get Started

Time Management Tools: 10 Apps and Programs to Get Started

Time Management Tools: 10 Apps and Programs to Get Started

Time management is a good skill to have, but not everyone is able to develop it independently. Luckily, there are different time management tools that will help you master this skill. Without further ado, here are ten apps and programs to get started with time management.

#1 Trello

Trello is one of the most well-known time management and project management tools at the moment. It has both desktop and mobile versions so that you can access your dashboard anytime from anywhere. The best part about Trello is that it is very beginner-friendly, so you will learn how to use it in no time at all.

The tool provides you with a dashboard where you can create tasks and add different details to them. For example, you can add deadlines, mark complete tasks, and leave comments under tasks among other things. It’s also very easy to share files which makes collaboration smoother. Trello is free for personal use and has paid plans for businesses.

#2 Asana

Asana is another popular time management and project management tool which has an approach to time management that is similar to Trello’s. You also get a dashboard where you can create tasks, but there are also more tabs to click between and options for customization to choose from. Compared to Trello, Asana has a slightly steeper learning curve.

Each task can have a deadline, an assigned team member, various tags, and so on. You can also set and check milestones that were achieved by your team which can serve as a source of motivation for your employees. Asana can be used for free with up to 15 members, but there are also paid plans available for bigger teams.

#3 Forest

When it comes to truly unique time management tools, Forest is by far the most original of them. This app uses the Pomodoro technique (working for short periods of time with breaks in-between) to help you focus on small tasks or complete big tasks one part at a time. You also get rewards for successfully completing your tasks through focus sessions – you will be growing a forest in your app!

By using Forest, you can free up a lot of time that you can then use for other activities. But if you need even more time, you can outsource some of your tasks. For example, you can hire an experienced writer from the writing service Trust My Paper who will create your content for you or help you organize your documents.

#4 Harvest

Harvest is a tool that can be used both for time management and billing. It has a simple interface that eliminates distractions which makes it ideal for people who often get sidelined. Moreover, this is a tool that will also be quite suitable for freelance specialists that bill their clients on an hourly basis.

Essentially, Harvest lets you create invoices based on the time you worked. You can track time from any browser and operating system. You can even integrate the tool with other project management tools. Harvest isn’t free, but it has affordable paid monthly plans for single users and teams.

#5 Monday

You’ve probably heard of Monday at least once. This time management and project management cloud-based tool is often used by businesses of all sizes thanks to its customization and scaling options. There are so many features to choose from that you will definitely be satisfied with the tool.

Monday lets you automate some tasks, collaborate with multiple team members, and get reports on your tasks and projects among other things. All the offered plans are paid, but even the cheapest (Basic) plan is quite affordable while offering all kinds of features and options.

#6 Toggl

Though some tools on this list are more suitable for time management or project management, Toggl specializes in time tracking which is also useful for managing your time efficiently. This tool integrates with all kinds of other programs and apps, including Trello and Asana. You can get reports on team progress, track time offline, and more.

Toggl is quite affordable and starts at $9 per user monthly. However, if you want to reduce your expenses further, you should consider outsourcing. Check writing service reviews at All Top Reviews and find a professional writer who can take care of all the tasks that involve writing. You will save both time and money this way.

#7 Hubstaff

In case you want to be tracking both work and leisure time, then you should definitely try Hubstaff. This tool keeps track of the amount of time your team spends working as well as resting (as long as it happens during working hours). You can also use Hubstaff for billing your clients which can further simplify the organization of your business.

In addition to billing clients, you can also pay employees based on the number of hours they worked. An interesting feature of Hubstaff is that it uses screenshots for tracking the time spent on tasks. It is a paid tool that is best used by teams of 10 people or more.

#8 ProofHub

It goes without saying that all of the tools on this list are great, but ProofHub has also proven itself in a unique way – it is used by the likes of NASA and Disney. It is an all-in-one tool that combines time management, task management, visualization, and more.

One of the best things about ProofHub is that you can use it as a program for proofing during the feedback-sharing stage of working on your projects. It is available as a mobile app and has a paid monthly subscription plan.

#9 TimeCamp

Like some other apps on this list, TimeCamp is a tool used both for time management and billing. You can perform all kinds of tasks with it, including measuring project profitability, paying employees, billing clients, tracking time, and more.

You can set up automatic time tracking and use budgeting options with money or time. TimeCamp has desktop and mobile versions, so your team members can use it from any device. There is a free individual plan option, but you will need to choose a paid plan if you have a team.

#10 Calendar

Last but not least, Calendar is a tool that lives up to its name. It is a great option for those who want a simple yet effective time management and scheduling tool for everyday use that can also be utilized for making long-term plans.

Calendar unifies all your calendars from Google, Outlook, and Apple so that you don’t miss anything. You can schedule meetings, set up events, create tasks, and more. There is a limited free plan you can try as well as paid plans for more features.

Final Thoughts

All in all, time management is definitely a valuable skill to have, but if you are struggling with it, these apps and programs will help. Use the one you like the most for organizing your daily tasks in your personal and professional life.