The Importance of Invisalign in Your Oral Health: What Dental Problems It Can Address?

The Importance of Invisalign in Your Oral Health: What Dental Problems It Can Address?

The Importance of Invisalign in Your Oral Health: What Dental Problems It Can Address?

The Invisalign treatment is one of the most famous dental treatments that come with transparent plastic aligners to wear on the surface of the teeth to treat different orthodontic problems. During the treatment period, a patient must wear Invisalign for 22 hours a day. 

As per multiple reports, Invisalign treatment is extremely effective at curing numerous orthodontic problems. The treatment is not only faster but also capable of helping patients to continue their normal life as soon as the treatment is completed. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign is more effective and less time-consuming. People who are suffering from complicated orthodontic problems should consider choosing Invisalign treatment. 

However, even though Invisalign treatment is effective, keep in mind that they are capable of addressing only a handful of orthodontic problems. Some specific problems might require more specialized treatments. Here are the orthodontic conditions that Invisalign can treat. 

Misaligned Teeth 

Misaligned teeth will undoubtedly affect the overall aesthetic of your face. You will also face problems chewing and eating food. Although this problem is mostly seen among children, adults can also have misaligned teeth due to their poor oral health. Thumb-sucking and genetics are two of the most common causes of misaligned teeth. 

Invisalign treatment is super effective at addressing misaligned tooth problems as this treatment is developed for this purpose. The Invisalign will put pressure on the specific teeth that have been damaged to fix them in their proper places on the jawline. 

Remember that Invisalign will take 4-5 months to treat the misaligned teeth. However, the success of this treatment is also dependent on the severity of your condition. Make sure you discuss your orthodontic problems with the top Invisalign specialist – and they will help you. 

Crowded and Crooked Teeth 

Even though these two problems might look different, they are somewhat similar. Apart from affecting the beauty of your teeth, they will also make you look ugly when you smile. They might not be considered severe dental problems, but they can have a heavy negative impact on your lifestyle. They can also affect your overall confidence level and make you embarrassed in front of your family members and friends. This is why you need to make sure you’re taking action to fix your crooked teeth. 

When you choose Invisalign treatment, you can treat both crowded and crooked teeth. Invisalign will take around a year for adults to fix this problem permanently. But in the case of children, Invisalign would take less than a few months. 

Open Bite and Crossbite 

Crossbite is one of the most popular dental conditions where the upper part of your teeth doesn’t meet the lower part when you close your mouth. This problem might cause severe gum problems as well as oral pain. As per Healthline, overbite can cause chewing deficiencies

On the other hand, an open bite is an orthodontic problem when the upper teeth won’t get in touch with your lower teeth. This condition can develop extreme bite problems. 

When you consider Invisalign treatment, you will be able to fix these problems permanently. 


These are the orthodontic conditions that Invisalign can treat. Make sure you visit our clinic and we will help you.