Some Cosmetic Packaging Ideas You Need to Know About for This Year

Some Cosmetic Packaging Ideas You Need to Know About for This Year

Some Cosmetic Packaging Ideas You Need to Know About for This Year

To make a name for your brand in the market seems like a dream to some new businesses, but what if I tell you that you don’t need huge budgets to stand out? You might ask, how? Well, the answer is custom packaging. Being one of the biggest industries in the world, the cosmetic industry demands a lot from your product packaging if you want to make your product stand out. 

This industry is probably the most saturated any industry has ever been, and the competition is fierce as it can get. It is indeed true that back in the day, all customers and brands wanted from their product packaging was to keep the product safe from any potential damage. Now, the cosmetic industry is not the only one that demands more from product packaging; the customer also expects the same from brands. 

In this saturated market, you don’t get a whole lot of time to influence the purchase decision of customers because customers have thousands of options. Customized cosmetic packaging has the potential to influence their purchase decision, but only when you know what you are doing with your packaging. 

This is why we are here, and in today’s blog, we will tell you some packaging designs for your cosmetic products that will make customers come back to your brand. If that sounds good, then let’s get started with it.

Use Window Boxes 

If you aren’t aware of window boxes, then I am not sure how that has happened until now. When customizing cosmetic product packaging, you can’t put all your focus on the graphics printed on the packaging because other things matter. Yes, product packaging will attract customers, but this won’t always generate sales because some customers need to see the product before they purchase it. 

Window boxes will give a glimpse of the product to your customers and ensure that every customer of yours gets the point that they will be getting what they see on the packaging. This makes them feel more confident while buying the product.

Use Magnetic Closure Boxes 

Premium boxes are often out of budget for the majority of people, but this doesn’t take away the fact everyone wants them. Using magnetic closure boxes will instantly make your product premium to customers. These boxes indeed cost more than your average packaging, but this box will tell customers that they are getting a premium product just by spending a couple of dollars more than they wanted to. 

You can buy wholesale cosmetic packaging boxes for a lower price if you think these boxes cost more in retail.

Use Pouches for Your Cosmetic Products 

You can always add an extra layer of protection for your products, but you can make that protective layer functional for customers, and they will love it. When customers travel, they will need an extra vanity bag to put their cosmetic products in to ensure they are not all over the place in the suitcase. 

Putting your cosmetic products in pouches before you put them in the primary packaging can be of great help to your customers and also to you. You are not only saving your customers a vanity bag, but you are also ensuring that your customers have easy access to their favorite products.

Use Kraft Paper 

This is probably the most cost-effective packaging idea in this blog, but it is as effective as the others. Before you pack the product, you can wrap kraft paper around your product with the help of twine to ensure that your product is well protected. This sends an impression that you put a lot of thought into the product packaging and you spent so much time to get that result. When in reality, it merely takes a minute to do.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors 

Only the base color of your packaging won’t help with making your product stand out from the rest. You need to do everything in your power to ensure that your product gets that attention no matter where it is placed. One very effective way of doing that is by using bold and poppy colors. 

The only problem with using sharp colors is that there isn’t much room for mistakes, and a slight mistake can make customers feel that you are desperate for attention. So, we recommend that you invest in a quality packaging designer and who will ensure that everything is on point.

Use Add-Ons 

Last but not least, you can use add-ons on top of all the customization. These add-ons can be anything, whether it is to make your product look more presentable, like a ribbon or a handle, to make it easier for customers to carry the product. 

So, which of these perks options you will select?