Proper Ways to Use THC-Based Products: A Comprehensive Guide

Proper Ways to Use THC-Based Products: A Comprehensive Guide

Proper Ways to Use THC-Based Products: A Comprehensive Guide

THC-based products can be a great inclusion in your lifestyle. From helping with anxiety to treating insomnia, THC products are a wonderful homeopathic way to relax, reset and indulge. If you have not used these products before, you may find it intimidating to enter the world with the number of products available, but never fear, with this easy guide you will begin to understand the products, their methods of use, and the best product to choose for your wants and needs.

Understanding Cannabis Strains

THC products come in different strains, that are targeted for certain effects. Understanding the strains and their uses is paramount to a pleasurable experience when using THC-based products. You can find great options for organic THCa flower in all strains, but understanding the different effects is important. Whether you are looking for an energetic anxiety-reducing strain or something to help with Insomnia, once you understand the strains you will know what products to look for.


The strain Sativa is known for its energizing and invigorating effects. While it may come as a surprise that cannabis products can be energizing, that is just due to stereotypes of cannabis users. When using this strain you will often feel uplifted with reduced anxiety. Because of its effects, this is a great strain that can be used day and night, without inducing lethargy. 


The strain Indica often comes with the opposite effects of sativa, bringing on a mind and body high, leading to a relaxed feeling both mentally and physically. Indica is used to help reduce pain, treat nausea, and increase appetite. Indica is best consumed at night or when you can spend some relaxing time at home, as it comes with a “heavy” effect that can leave you less motivated than Sativa strains. 


Hybrid strains are a mix of Indica and Sativa. They are generally bred to increase the THC level, and the higher the THC the heavier the effects of usage. Hybrid strains are often much stronger than traditional strains as they have been specifically chosen to enhance certain effects. These stronger plants are used for any number of uses from chemotherapy to reducing anxiety. When choosing a hybrid, you need to pay close attention to whether it has been bred more toward the predominant effects of an Indica or a Sativa.

Methods of Use

You can partake in THC-based products in multiple different ways which are detailed below. 

Smoking Flowers

The traditional way to use THC products is via smoking cannabis flowers in a rolled cigarette, a pipe, or a bong. While smoking flowers is the traditional way of intaking THC products, new ways have become incredibly popular during the boom of the cannabis industry. Smoking is generally the introductory way to partake in THC products, and the effects are almost instantaneous and not as long-lasting as other methods.



Concentrates are a relatively new form of partaking in cannabis products. This method includes hash, oil, capsules, and shatter. Concentrates are very potent products, so these should generally be used by more experienced users, rather than beginners. These products hit hard and fast so it is important to understand the effects of the products before partaking. These products come with both strains, and the effects are enhanced based on which strain was used to make the product. Read the packaging carefully to become familiar with what you are purchasing and understand the strength and strain before partaking.


Ingesting edibles is becoming a popular way to partake in THC products. From THC-infused drinks to gummies and baked goods, edibles are a great way to avoid smoking and still benefit from the effects of THC products. Edibles take a bit longer to take effect, and they last longer than traditional smoking. When taking edibles it is important to realize you will be feeling the effects differently as your body metabolizes the products, so do so with caution and be fully informed about the concentrations you are ingesting.

Using THC-based products is a great way to help with many issues, whether you are looking for something to help you sleep, reduce your anxiety, or simply enhance your mental clarity you are sure to find the right product. From beginners to experienced users, you are sure to find the strain and delivery method that works best for you. This comprehensive guide will help you to understand THC products and choose your favorite strain and delivery method, leaving you free to enjoy the effects in a responsible and safe manner.