Nine Perfumes that smell like candy

Nine Perfumes that smell like candy

Hitting the Sweet Spot

For many of us, there was no better feeling as a kid than eating your favourite candy. We can all remember that ecstatic feeling when you got candy as a treat, whether at your grandparents’, the doctor’s, or during Halloween. As adults, although we might not indulge in candy the same way, it is still a taste and flavour we love to go back to. If you want to recreate that childhood feeling and be enchanted back in time with sweet smells, plenty of candy-smelling perfumes on the market today will give you that same nostalgia.

Usually, candy-like scents are found under the ‘sweet’ perfume category. Similar to vanilla or citrus scents, these perfumes consist of a blend of edible components that will remind you of candy. For example, these sweet-smelling scents usually have hints of vanilla, fruit, chocolate, or tones of actual candy. Many womens perfumes today can mix these smells together to create a sweet scent but more on the adult side. Terpenes, like Linalool and Geraniol, are infused into perfumes for their smell and aroma, and their potential health benefits, adding a natural and enticing element to these sweet scents.

Read on to discover the top nine perfumes that smell like candy, and give them a try today!

9 Sweet Scents

1.       Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

With a deceiving name, this perfume isn’t just for flower lovers but also for candy lovers! This perfume is filled with some floral notes but has a mix of sweet and sugary that makes it the perfect candy smell. Inside you will find notes of rose, jasmine, and patchouli coupled with splashes of freesia and orchids. Don’t knock it until you try it; give it a spray on your skin and feel the candy sensations. However, it’s not just used as a perfume for women, as Flowerbomb is also used as a men’s cologne.

2.       Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme

This gorgeous bottle houses flavours of orange and raspberries. And the best part? It includes marshmallows! This light, sweet scent is perfect for a spray when you’re on the go and want to keep the scent of sweets with you all day. Adding just a hint of maturity, you will also recognise scents of sandalwood and tuberose to make sure you don’t smell just like a candy store.

3.       Elle Coco Amour Fragrance Mist

This sweet and fruity body mist is perfect for having in your purse to use when you need a refresh when you’re out and about. This blend of fruity notes like tangerine and peach mixed with the sweeter tones of milk, coconut, and toffee combine to make the perfect product that will give you that candy-like scent that will leave you wanting more. 

4.       Prada Candy

Get ready to smell like a walking dessert with this delicious scent. This Prada perfume is a favourite in the women’s perfume market thanks to its distinct caramel tones. It has a mix of benzoin and musk that combine the sweet and spicy, perfect for women who want to smell like a treat all day long. 

5.       Vera Wang Princess

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess every day? Just like the name, this scent will have you twirling around like a Disney princess with confidence. This perfume combines a sweet blend of apricot, apple, and mandarin mixed with tones of vanilla and chocolate to provide an inviting aroma that will have you smelling sweet for the entire day.

6.       Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy

This scent has what you need in the name. Pop sensation Ariana Grande blends this sweet aura to have you smell like a snack. This perfume makes you feel like you’re daydreaming of fluffy marshmallows, blackberries, and warm vanilla tones. You will be sure to turn some heads with this flirty and sweet scent you leave behind as you get about your day. 

7.       Marc Jacobs Love Eau So Sweet

Marc Jacobs is the master of sweet and flowery scents for women’s perfume. This delicate scent lingers the longer you wear it, combining a floral and candy-like scent. In it, you’ll find mixes of crip bergamot, candy-like cloudberries, and tones of delicious raspberries. Keeping in true Marc Jacobs fashion, there are also tones of jasmine, milk, and daisies that will have you feeling and smelling like a dream.

8.       Escada Candy Love

This is another woman’s perfume example of ‘dessert in a bottle.’ This scent will take you right back to your childhood, as Candy Love brings together a sweet aroma of whipped cream, vanilla tones, and even candy apples! Just so it isn’t too sweet, you’ll also be able to smell hints of rose in there too. One or two spritzes of this perfume, and you will feel like you’ve walked straight out of a candy shop!

9.       Fantasy by Britney Spears

Released in 2005, this perfume is still a favourite that continues to pop up on shelves all over the globe. It continues to be one of the best-selling perfumes in recent decades and the pop sensation’s most popular scent. Why? Because of its sweet and addictive smell. It has sweet tones of orchids, cupcakes, vanilla, and white chocolate. This innocent scent is ideal for any occasion and is perfect for women of any age. 

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