Moving to an Assisted Living Facility: Key Amenities to Look For

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility: Key Amenities to Look For

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility: Key Amenities to Look For

One of the hardest decisions a person will ever make (or their loved one) is entering a senior community offering living assistance. For many people, this is looked at as a loss of independence or a reduction in their quality of life. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Senior living often improves residents' quality of life.

When people look online for terms such as “senior communities nearby” or “new assisted living near me,” they aren’t simply trying to find a residence; they are looking for a place that will care for and look after them or their aging loved one. That is no small responsibility. You want to be certain that the place you settle on has the amenities you most want and need. Here are a few examples of what to look for:

Spacious Floor Plans with Balcony/Patio Options 

No reason moving into a senior community should mean cramping into a tiny living space with no outside access. Look for a place with roomy, comfortable apartments with options for outdoor spaces.

Recreational and Activity Centers 

Staying active is important for any senior, especially residents at an assisted living facility like Sunscape Daytona Beach. Regular interaction with other people, playing games, engaging in hobbies, and the many other activities offered go a long way in keeping you feeling young and energetic.

A Well-Stocked Library

Seniors come from an era when recreational reading was a widespread and lifelong activity. As a result, many still have book collections numbering in the hundreds and even thousands. That’s why libraries are one of the top amenities included when searching “new assisted living near me” online.

Restaurant Style Dining Anytime

Part of being independent is not being on someone else’s schedule regarding things like meal time. People like to eat at all different times. Having quality, chef-prepared food anytime lets residents continue to enjoy the routine and habits they’ve developed over the years.

Exercise and Fitness Center

Just as recreation is important for seniors and their cognitive abilities, physical activity is just as crucial for keeping the body fit. You can sign up for a class that fits your needs/capabilities or work out at your own pace with cardiovascular and/or resistance training. Of course, any physical activity or exercise program should be cleared with your doctor first.

“New Assisted Living Near Me” Searches Are Increasing Online

As people live longer and longer, it means that more of them will need quality retirement centers to spend their golden and twilight years. And with many people also downsizing and living under tighter financial constraints these days, moving in with family isn’t as common of an option as it used to be. 

Our best advice to someone looking for a senior living facility is this; decide which features and amenities you prefer the most and try to locate as many of them as possible in one community.