How to prevent premature skin aging

How to prevent premature skin aging

How to prevent premature skin aging

Skin ages more quickly than ever in the present day because to pollution, UV ray damage, and other factors. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to reduce this quick aging process and even restore damage that has already been done. The greatest therapies for premature skin aging are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Indications of early skin aging

The most typical indications of damaged skin that has prematurely aged are as follows:

  • Over time, both shallow and deep wrinkles develop.
  • Dead skin cells accumulate more quickly, making the skin rougher and the lines more noticeable.
  • Skin becomes dull, lifeless, and harsh, losing its brightness.
  • Pores are frequently clogged, which may cause congestion and outbreaks.
  • Your circulatory system's capacity to transmit waste, nutrients, and oxygen decreases, which results in a dull complexion.
  • Collagen and elastin start to lose their function, causing the skin to sag.
  • Skin becomes more sensitive and reactive.
  • What causes premature skin aging and other hyperpigmentation to start developing?

According to Nina Holt, a certified esthetician at Westwood Studio and Spa, "there are numerous causes of premature skin aging, but the environment, lifestyle decisions, and genetics are some of the greatest variables that can lead to someone's skin behaving older than their real age."

These are the main causes of early aging of the skin.


Before your beach vacation, have you considered obtaining a "base" tan? Think again. The skin cannot be safely prepared for UV radiation. Any time the skin tans, there has been damage. Using sunscreen and protecting yourself from the sun is the only safe way to enjoy a day at the beach.

The sun is the main factor in skin aging too soon. The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays are responsible for over 90% of the visual changes often associated with aging (1). Up to 80% of UV radiation can get through clouds, even on a gloomy day (2)!

Regardless of the weather, use broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. The most crucial thing you can do for your skin is this.


Your skin can absorb dirt, smog, poisonous chemicals, and free radicals, which will hasten the aging process. Daily exposure to pollution can harm your skin in many ways, including dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, weaker skin, dullness, and sensitivity. Pollution includes smoking, smog, exhaust, tobacco, free radicals, and even extreme weather conditions.

Bad diet

Your health and the appearance of your skin are seriously harmed by processed diets, and foods high in sugar, sodium, and fats. The proteins that maintain skin supple and youthful are elastin and collagen, which are degraded by poor eating habits. According to licensed esthetician Rhonda Robb, a bad diet can lead to dullness, puffiness, redness, congestion, acne, and more. Eating correctly is essential if you want to avoid early aging and maintain clean, healthy skin.


Stress causes a rise in the stress hormone cortisol, which has an impact on moisture levels, microcirculation, and sebum production. Try to reduce your stress as much as you can to avoid breakouts, extra oil, and accelerated aging.


There are certain apparent bad habits, like sunbathing and smoking, that make you age faster, but there are also some unexpected ones, like using makeup wipes to remove makeup. Find out which bad habits to preserve and which to stop for younger-looking skin.

How to stop your skin from getting old too soon

Avoiding triggers is the best form of prevention, but in today's contemporary environment, a great deal of them are impossible to avoid. Therefore, make sure you're taking the following actions to stop premature skin aging before it happens:


Even if you believe you don't spend much time outside, the sun cannot be avoided. In fact, UV rays can get through windows even if you don't leave your house, making you vulnerable all day. The majority of solar damage frequently results from routine activities like doing errands or strolling from your car to work. Since UV deterioration builds up over time, it's imperative to always be covered. The best strategy to prevent aging skin is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and reapply frequently when you are outside for a lengthy period of time.

prevention of pollution

The amount of skin-aging atmospheric stressors in our increasingly polluted environment has led researchers to expect that pollution protection will have an influence on skincare on par with UV protection. Utilizing anti-pollution skin care is essential to preventing premature skin aging.

The ideal pollution remedies are Urban Undo Cleanser and Remineralist Daily Moisture. These treatments that eliminate pollution are the remedy for aging skin in the modern world. Use antioxidant skin care, such as Plump Start or vc10 Daily Glow, to scavenge skin-aging free radicals and stop inflammation to further protect yourself from free radicals.

a good daily schedule

Using the incorrect products for your skin type will unquestionably result in long-term skin harm.Once you know what type of skin you have, it's important to start with the appropriate daily necessities. This includes cleaning, toning, moisturizing, and protecting skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen twice daily for all skin types.

Professional medical care

In order to keep skin robust, healthy, and more resistant to the toxic effects of intrinsic aging, anti-aging, like Dermalogica facials should start in the 20s, according to Teresa Stenzel, a professional esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel. Your esthetician will assist you in selecting the facial that addresses your skin concerns and takes into account the sensitivity of your skin on the day of treatment. But for many of us, prevention is no longer an option. There is good news, even if it is getting more and more usual for the skin to act older than a person's actual age. You can lessen the harm and even encourage the skin to recover itself.

Your best buddy is exfoliation.

When it comes to clearly undoing years of damage, exfoliation is essential. Regular exfoliation can lessen fine lines and wrinkles appear and possibly stop them from getting worse. Additionally, it can help clear blocked pores, lower excessive oil production, lessen hyperpigmentation, and minimize the appearance of crow's feet and dark circles beneath the eyes.

Exercise extreme caution.

The measures outlined above for preventing aging skin can also aid in repairing some of the harm (and obviously prevent further damage). Anyone seeking to restore and repair prematurely aged skin should begin by taking precautionary measures.

Locate a reliable esthetician

According to Brooke Bateman, a licensed esthetician at The Refinery Esthetics Bar, visiting an esthetician should be your first port of call when trying to reverse premature aging. In addition to describing the best product choices for your skin type and lifestyle, I personally always educate my clients on a fully healthy lifestyle.

Bateman advises Bioelements chemical peels, which have no peeling or downtime and yield radiant results, for the majority of people with age indications. She also likes Sleepwear, Skin Editor, and Moisture x10 since they contain essential elements that have been shown to repair the damage, moisturize, and fortify the skin. It depends on the needs of your particular skin, so don't be afraid to visit your neighborhood spa, she advises.

Consistent facials are a great method to work on the skin's collagen production and cell turnover rate as well as improve the flow of oxygen and minerals for a healthy, radiant complexion, according to Holt. "Having said that, at-home maintenance is especially crucial if you want to preserve and enhance the effects of your facial. Recently, when the Bioelements Skin Editor was added to my clients' at-home routine, I saw fantastic, beautiful results.