How to Mix Vintage and Antique Furniture Into A Modern Home

How to Mix Vintage and Antique Furniture Into A Modern Home

How to Mix Vintage and Antique Furniture Into A Modern Home

Everyone has a different style of decorating their home. One person may love the clean lines of contemporary furniture and another may be a fan of more ornate pieces. If you're looking to add some vintage or antique furniture to your home, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making any purchases:

1. Find and Expand Your Design Eye

When it comes to mixing vintage and antique furniture into a modern home, the first step is finding your style. You can do this by looking at magazines, blogs, and other people's homes. Once you've determined what kind of look appeals to you most. Whether it's bohemian or midcentury modern, then it's time to start shopping for pieces that fit that style.

If there's one thing we want to emphasize here: don't buy things just because they're cheap! The goal of any design project is not just filling up space with random stuff; rather, it should be about creating an aesthetic that feels intentional and cohesive throughout every room of your house or apartment. Go for premium collection brands like The Alt Collective, which understand the importance of thoughtful design and offer a wide range of high-quality and curated pieces.

2. Don't Just Look at the Whole Room

Once you have an understanding of the style of furniture that you're looking for, it's time to start mixing your pieces together. To do this, look at each individual piece and figure out how it will fit into the rest of the room.

One thing that people tend to do when decorating their homes is trying to make everything match perfectly. This can be a very effective way of creating cohesion throughout space but also results in rooms that look pretty generic and boring if done incorrectly.

Instead of focusing exclusively on finding furniture pieces that match one another (or even just complement each other). Think about what kinds of things would go well together without actually having anything in common. 

For example, a pair of vintage chairs with mismatched legs from different eras can look great next to an antique dresser made from reclaimed wood if both items are painted white or greyish blue with black hardware accents. 

However, if either chair has green leather upholstery or gold metal accents then it probably wouldn't work quite as well because those elements would clash too much with each other visually speaking.

3. Don't Try to Convert Your Home All at Once

If you're trying to convert your home from traditional to modern, don't try to do it all at once. It's best to take your time and make small changes as you go along. This will help you avoid spending too much money on furniture that might not be right for your space or lifestyle after a few months. 

You may also change your mind about the colour of the walls or even what type of furniture would look best in certain rooms of the house after living there for a while. So, take some time before making any big purchases.

4. Start with a Small Piece of Furniture

If you're still unsure about how to mix vintage and antique furniture into a modern home, start with a small piece of refurbished antique furniture. This way, if the piece doesn't fit in your home or it doesn't meet your expectations for what it would look like in person, then you can always sell that item again.

5. Give It Time for the New Piece to Settle In

It's important to give your new piece of furniture time to settle in. It may take a few days or even weeks for it to feel like part of the home, but once it does, you'll notice how much more comfortable it is than when you brought it home.


Mixing vintage and antique furniture into a modern home can be a little tricky, but it's not impossible. The key is to start with small pieces and give them time to settle in before adding more. Be sure to pay attention to how each piece fits into your decorating scheme so that when you do add new pieces they will blend well with what's already there.