How to Choose the Best Mackintosh

How to Choose the Best Mackintosh

Rain Gear: How to Choose the Best Mackintosh

If you work outdoors, you should consider buying a mackintosh or womens raincoat to keep you dry when it rains. You can also buy this type of clothing if you prefer to avoid moving around with an umbrella. While all mackintoshes are waterproof, they come in different materials and designs. 

Therefore, you must choose one that meets your needs and taste. Below are some tips for choosing the best mackintosh.

Check the Fabric

It's obvious that all mackintoshes are waterproof, but the fabric used determines the level of waterproofness. For example, a garment with only a water-repellent treatment cannot be as practical as one purely made of waterproof material.

Manufacturers provide information about their garments' waterproof levels on their website or the garments. Only choose a mackintosh with a material that offers your desired waterproof level without compromising breathability.

Check the Seams

Due to the weakness of sewn seams, rainwater can seep into the layer of clothes, even if your mackintosh is made of high-quality waterproof materials. The best mackintoshes have sealed seams to avoid leaks when in strong rain.

Therefore, check if your chosen mackintosh has waterproof tape around the seams before you buy it.

Check the Length

Your mackintosh's length determines what it can protect from rainwater. Therefore, you should buy one that covers more of your body. A longer length also keeps your lower garments dry.

For example, if you love maxi dresses or trousers, you should buy a mackintosh or womens raincoat that reaches ankle length. A longer mackintosh also comes in handy if you will wear it when working outdoors. However, ensure that the coat's size does not affect your movement.

Consider Other Features

Our taste and preferences determine the features you would want in your mackintosh. For example, a mackintosh with a zipper or drop pocket offers safe storage for your goods. 

You can also choose your favorite colour and design. However, ensure these features are the last thing to consider when buying this product. 

Choose One With a Hood

Imagine having a mackintosh without a hood to cover your head. You cannot work or walk in the rain because the head is exposed, plus the water may also find its way to the clothes under the coat. Additionally, a good hoodie coat provides a way to adjust the hoodie tightly around the face to prevent it from blowing off your head.

Check Its Breathability

Breathability is a fabric's ability to permit air or moisture to pass through it. Such materials allow sweat and warmth to escape into the environment, keeping the wearer cool. On the other hand, a fabric with poor breathability allows heat and moisture to accumulate beneath it, leading to discomfort.

Therefore, in addition to keeping the rain off, your chosen mackintosh's material should have a high moisture vapour perspiration (MVP) rate.

Wrapping Up

While the wide variety of mackintoshes provides options for the user, not all can meet your unique needs. Use the tips above to compare the available mackintoshes before buying.