Here’s How to Stay Safe from Scammers on Dating Sites

Here’s How to Stay Safe from Scammers on Dating Sites

Here’s How to Stay Safe from Scammers on Dating Sites

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As many dating sites are gaining traction, and one is more likely to make profiles on Tinder and Bumble rather than meet someone in social settings, safeguarding our interests has become more critical.

While social media sites and dating apps are an easy way to connect to people, they are also gateways for people to scam, blackmail and hurt others digitally. 

This has been quite common with those who are still joining these platforms as first-time users and have yet to be made aware of the many red flags that are more visible to people who have been using them for a while.

Staying Safe On Dating Sites: What Not to Do

According to statistics, a whopping 547 million USD was lost to romance scams in 2021. This is an 80% rise compared with 2020 statistics and is unfortunately only set to rise as more users sign up for online dating sites each year. If you have plans to sign up on any of the many dating sites available, these statistics only prove that it is crucial to keep yourself informed about the many online dating scams and what to look out for.

Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when using online dating sites:

Don't give your location or any identifiers.

When talking to someone for the first time, it is important not to immediately give them your location or any identifiers. Never share how much money you make or any bank account details, as this can put your assets at risk. Aside from making sure you are not handing out personal information of your own, be sure not to let them know any identifiers that can put your loved ones at risk by sharing information like your family member's phone numbers or intimate details about them.

Don't Give Too Much Away on Direct Messages

Many broken-hearted people are vulnerable on social media. There are many good people out there who are looking for love, much like you. However, some use this vulnerability against their victims and try to get the most out of them by love-bombing them. 

This could be under the pretense of using trust against someone or even hard and fast declarations of love. That is a huge red flag, as there is a risk of these claims being used as a form of emotional manipulation.

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Do Try to Get Them to Open Up

Usually, scammers and blackmailers keep everything about their personal lives a secret, and most of them are good liars. You must be on your toes if you must match them. Get them to open up and verify the details they give you. 

See how many times they agree or disagree with you. If they concede to everything you say, that is a red flag, not a green one, as it could mean they are not being honest. It is always in your best interest to ask them questions and get them to talk more about themselves, otherwise there is a risk that they are mimicking your movements and are not looking for an honest, long-term commitment.

Stay Safe Out There...

Once you realise that you have become a victim of a romance fraud, it is best to report it to the police. This makes it easier to recover what you may have lost and you will also be saving other persons from being scammed too.

Stay safe out there, people. We hope these tips helped in helping you find a suitable partner who is loyal and opens up to you.