Do you like two-piece sets? Dress like you are famous and sign up for the fashion of the season:

Do you like two-piece sets? Dress like you are famous and sign up for the fashion of the season:

Do you like two-piece sets? Dress like you are famous and sign up for the fashion of the season:

The two piece crop top and pant set are the new hit among the guests. A trend that is sweeping in 2022 thanks to its practicality, versatility, and comfort. We show you how to wear them and give you similar options to look just as great as them.

This summer we have been able to see several familiar faces wearing one of the star trends of the season: two-piece sets. They can be combined with all kinds of accessories, making them a wonderful combo for women who like to bet on several trendy details at the same time.

Fuchsia tones and puffed sleeves:

This is the perfect look in purple tones with puffed sleeves to go to a mid-season wedding. How to copy the amazing look? This purple proposal with an exotic long-sleeved shirt with gathered shoulders, and a midi-cut wrap skirt with flowing flow. A modern and cheerful look that will make you look stylish and distinguished in any environment. A must!

Dare with a very similar option this season from Solado. The proposal combines a crop top with an ethnic print and voluminous short sleeves and straight, mid-rise trousers with a honeycomb detail on the body. Two orange pieces that will harmonize with high heels as well as with a comfortable and flat shoe.

All red!

A two-piece set with a crop top and a long, ankle-length maxi skirt. The most remarkable? The detail of openwork flowers in the chest area and on one side of the skirt, and the perfect combination of it with the matching lips and sandals in the same shade.

Would you like to look just as young and sensual? Our recommendation is to have a two piece skirt and crop top with a lined belt and buckle, and a top with a square neckline and ruffles around it. A red-hot proposal is full of delicacy and freshness, perfect to go to a wedding with a boho essence, a country wedding, or one that takes place in the middle of the beach.

Dress code for weddings:

Who doesn't dream of going to a wedding with white-tinted styling and a movie setting by the sea? Well, if you're going to make that dream come true, you're in luck, because we have an ideal option for you inspired by one of the looks of Hollywood celebs. If they wear a proposal with a soft air with a white crop top and mini shorts adorned with ruffles and embroidery details for cotton lovers, we suggest you recreate their style with a creation by Solado.

Solado brand:

Solado is one of the fetish brands. The young woman uploaded to the social network a look with a pajama jacket, lacing, and midi pants in green, black, white, and yellow tones that caused a real furor.

A composition that you can adopt thanks to the original model that you will find in the online catalog, in the Solado, and that is also available in other shades in case this version does not fully convince you. Better impossible!

As you can see, these duos are here to stay. And it is that the sets of two pieces give a lot of play, choose them when you choose them. You can decide if the lights are combined or separately, if you combine the same or different prints and fabrics, and if you want to enhance one or another part of your body.

Do you know why everyone loves them? Because they fit perfectly with all silhouettes and are easily adaptable to all circumstances, there is no better advice than to try them for yourself and succumb to their charm.

What if these options do not convince you? Don't worry, in our fashion catalog, you will find many more iconic alternatives to die of love since more and more party fashion designers include them in their catalogs. When you discover them, you won't want to stop wearing them. Check it!


Try out elephant pants or dart pants: 

The garments that will favor you the most are the famous elephant-leg or dart pants and gathered or pleated skirts, which can be of striking prints, such as horizontal stripes and floral prints to attract attention.

And here the opposite occurs in the triangle body. You want to avoid drawing attention to your upper body, so it's best not to wear clothing with frills or flashy prints. Also, avoid wearing shoulder pads. Choose long coats, not those that reach the waist so that it does not make you so boxy.

Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore are some of this group. Girls with this body type have shoulders and backs that are wider than their hips.

For this reason, the advice is to wear blouses in dark colors looking for straight and simple lines that are not very tight and with a V, round or asymmetrical neckline. Dresses with a lot of flare at the bottom. The pants can be both high-rise and low-rise because both will enhance the hips, although the bell-shaped ones will also look great.

Fancy wearing the same kind of flattering neckline? 

Our suggestion is this time, a two-piece set flooded with polka dots, from the fashion firm Solado. A sleeveless top with a halter neckline and below-the-knee length pants that will make you feel fresh and comfortable like never before.

The good news? At, we have the original design of festival clothing womens in our fashion catalog, so this time you can easily get hold of it and feel like an influencer for a day. Combine it like her with a colored belt and sandals of the tone you select, and give it your personal touch.