Considerations for Selecting the Best Facial Aesthetics Clinic: A Guide with Five Key Tips

Considerations for Selecting the Best Facial Aesthetics Clinic: A Guide with Five Key Tips

Considerations for Selecting the Best Facial Aesthetics Clinic: A Guide with Five Key Tips

A few Google searches and you’ll find countless facial aesthetics clinics, all claiming to be the best options to meet your needs. However, we all know you’re wiser, and you’d not trust your health on a simple claim a company makes on its website. While you might want to get rid of a few wrinkles on your face, we know you prioritise your health and safety. 

With that in mind, herein, we’ll explore some of the considerations to keep in mind while choosing a facial aesthetic clinic such as Facehub.

#1. What Are Their Qualifications 

Facial aesthetics clinics offer a wide range of services that focus on different aspects or ways of diminishing the appearance of ageing. Crucially, while facial clinics offer injectable facial services, their range of services is typically non-invasive treatments. 

For instance, most facial aesthetics clinics offer the following:

- Skin Resurfacing Care – Perfect for you if you’re looking for a skin correction that eliminates or diminishes the signs of skin damage and/or reduces the appurtenance of acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, rosacea, pigmentation, and other types of scars. 

- Anti-Wrinkle Injections/ Botox – While skin wrinkling is part and parcel of ageing, there are plenty of ways to diminish the appearance of deeper and more noticeable lines on our faces, such as anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the underlying muscles, fading the smaller wrinkle lines while smoothening out the deeper and more noticeable lines for a younger, healthier-looking face.

- Laser Hair Removal – This treatment involves using medical-grade lasers to remove hair from all parts of the body, leaving behind smooth skin.

- Profhilo – Profhilo is an injectable skin rejuvenation and remodelling treatment given to stimulate the production of collagen. By stimulating the production of collagen, the treatment counters skin laxity, which is an underlying cause of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, it encourages skin rejuvenation from deep in the skin to the surface. When used appropriately, profhilo gives patients’ skin a youthful look, a firmer feel, improved skin tone and texture, and better hydration while reducing the appurtenance of deep and fine lines and wrinkles.

- Dermal Filler – Dermal filler is a volume filler treatment that helps the skin recover its lost volume occasioned by the loss of collagen that starts when we are about 25 years. The filler material is a natural material, typically made from hyaluronic acid, which can attract and store water, thereby acting as a filling material.

Other types of treatment that most facial aesthetic clinics offer include PRP Therapy, PDO Therapy Lift, Chemical Skin Peel, Hydrafacial, and IV Therapy. 

As you can appreciate, while these services are non-invasive treatment procedures, they are relatively complicated. While a license is required for someone to provide treatment that penetrates beyond the dermis, you do not want to gamble with your health. Ensure the aesthetic clinic you intend to visit is staffed by medically qualified personnel. Your best bet is to receive treatment from individuals with a deep understanding of the human anatomy and the medical procedures that are these beauty treatments.

#2. What Experience Do The Specialists Have?

Aside from ensuring you receive treatment from specialists, ensure you receive treatment from experienced specialists. Always ask about the specialist’s experience, especially when receiving injectable treatments such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and Profhilo. 

As mentioned above, it’s essential to ensure the treatment specialist with a deep understanding of material science and human anatomy only injects you. You want to be treated by someone with a keen sense of how much dermal filler or Botox is enough. Some of this understanding comes from hands-on experience and working on various faces. 

As such, take your time to find out the specialist's experience. Check their site to learn how long they’ve rendered facial aesthetics services. Also, please don’t be shy about asking the specialist how many people he/she has treated. A medical professional will be glad to answer your queries. 

#3. What Do Their Past Clients And Customers Say About Them 

Testimonials and reviews can also offer insights into the level of customer service a facial aesthetics cosmetic clinic offers. With this in mind, you ought to read the reviews a clinic has accrued over the years. Ensure you read independent reviews and don’t rely on the reviews posted on the clinic’s site only. For instance, focus on Google and Trustpilot reviews as they are more trustworthy. These review platforms regularly audit reviews and delete any suspicious or fake reviews.

#4. Be Warry When The Deal Is Too Good

Ever heard, “you get what you pay for?” Well, this adage rings true in the facia clinics market. While the price is not universal among all clinics, with some offering lower prices than others, you should be wary of particularly enticing prices. Keep in mind the price you pay factors in the quality of the products used on your body, the experience of the specialists, and the level of service quality. 

When the deal is too good, do not jump for it without carrying out due diligence. It might be that the clinic is using low-quality inputs to afford the low prices.

#5. Trust your Instincts 

Having taken the expertise and experience of the specialist in mind and having reviewed the clinic in detail, trust your instincts to make the right decision. Only you know what matters and what you should prioritise. If your gut feeling tells you to walk from a certain clinic, trust your gut feeling. Do not compromise your health.