7 Ways To Enjoy Labadee, Haiti, Like A Local

7 Ways To Enjoy Labadee, Haiti, Like A Local

7 Ways To Enjoy Labadee, Haiti, Like A Local


Located in Northern Haiti, Labadee is a private island with a wide array of activities to explore. The Royal Caribbean International cruise company exclusively runs the island due to various agreements with the Haitian government. As such, you are unlikely to interact with people aboard other cruiser lines when you are on the island. For some travelers, this homogeneity can be discouraging and boring. 

However, the authentic Haitian experience you will have on the island is worth the exclusion. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay on the island or an exhilarating experience, there is something for everyone. Here are seven ways to enjoy Labadee like a Haitian local.

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  • Relax On The Beach


Many people going on holiday often do so to relax after a grueling year at work. So, if you're wondering what to do in Labadee, Haiti, the simple answer is: relax and do nothing. This may appear counterintuitive. However, the benefits of relaxation and doing nothing when on holiday have been widely documented. The perfect place to just relax underneath the sun on the sandy beaches is Labadee.

Labadee has four different beaches, all with unique attributes. The first beach you will encounter is Adrenaline Beach. This beach derives its name from the exhilarating activities you will likely experience when on it. The beach is the launch point of the famous zip line on the island. Additionally, the water on the beach is quite conducive for swimming apart from certain restricted zones, which are too rocky and unsafe.

Nellie's Beach is famous among families due to its shallow waters and sandy beaches. Additionally, the beach has numerous shades where you can relax with your family members after a good swim. Unfortunately, this beach will likely get overcrowded quickly due to its popularity. If you want to secure a good spot for relaxing, go to this beach very early.

Columbus Cove Beach is also very popular among families. One of the main attractions of this beach involves the various activities kids can engage in, such as kayaking and water slides. Adults can also relax in the bar listening to live Haitian music. Lastly, Barefoot Beach, exclusive to suite guests, can also be a fun place to relax if you stay in a suite.

  • Ziplining


Haitian locals are known to explore the different heights and mountains in the region for fun. Why not do the same and try ziplining? The Labadee zipline is arguably one of the most popular features of the island, with many people looking to try it out as soon as they get off the ship. The zipline stretches for 2800 feet (about 853.44 m) across the bay and drops from a height of 500 feet. 

There are two options to try when ziplining on Labadee: the Dragon's Breath Flight Line and the Dragon's Fire Flight Line. The distinguishing feature between the two is the position you will be in when ziplining. You will be seated on Dragon's Breath Flight Line, the default for many zip lines. However, on the more extreme Dragon's Fire Flight Line, you will be in a sprawled position, as one would be when flying. Remember to carry a GoPro or a camera to record this iconic experience.

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  • Try Out Haitian Cuisine


Like many other Caribbean islands, Haiti has a rich culinary culture reflected in the island's selection of foods. While you can opt to have the food you are accustomed to at the restaurants and bars on the island, why not try the exquisite Haitian food? After all, the expectation is that when in Rome, you should do as the Romans do. While the island offers a buffet-style complimentary lunch for all its residents, some of the local vendors you try out could have some extra charges. Always confirm this before trying out new foods. 

  • Watersports


The Labadee ocean is an excellent place to try out some water sports you have always wanted to enjoy. Some common fun options among Haitian locals include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and jet skiing. Since these water sports are quite common among cruisers, there are ordinarily limited slots. Ensure you book your sessions as soon as possible. The best time to try these activities is the early morning when the winds are mild. Sometimes, the afternoon winds could make water sports dangerous, and you wouldn’t want that.

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  • Shopping


Shopping for memoirs is a fun way to spend time on Labadee. At Artisan's Village and Market, you can get various items from local handmade vendors. Some popular options include handicrafts, handmade clothes, paintings, and other souvenirs. The locals prefer cash payment. As such, always carry loose cash when shopping at Labadee.

  • Live Music Performances


Haitian music is an integral part of Haitian culture. Haitian music is relaxing and uplifting, as with other Caribbean music, while still being fun to dance to. The locals at Labadee often arrange live music performances where they can showcase their music to cruisers. You may even experience a live performance in the island bars and restaurants. Remember to tip the musicians as they perform and enjoy yourself to the reggae vibes of their music.

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  • Cultural Sightseeing

While many people opt to stay on the island during their cruise, you can explore the adjacent Haiti village and learn about the Haitian people. Only 1 hour's drive from the island is the Citadelle Laferrière, an iconic fortress with a rich history. On the sightseeing adventure, you will learn a lot about Haitian history and their religious practices, such as voodoo, and have a first-hand experience of what it means to be Haitian. Remember to go with a guide who can help you navigate the tough terrain toward the Citadel.

Parting Shot

If you have been planning a trip to Labadee for your next holiday, the article has given you some tips on fun things to try out on the island. Your choice of activity depends on your preference and whether you want an activity-filled trip or a relaxing adventure. Remember always to book your events early since the island has many occupants looking to have a good time. As such, there are limited slots for many of the activities. Either way, a trip to Labadee is always worth the hype.