7 Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap in Packaging

7 Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap in Packaging

7 Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap in Packaging

Bubble wraps have been used for wrapping for a longer duration since the 1960s and continue to be one of the most preferred wraps. They are appealing from the looks and can be used for carrying and shipping different items regardless of the nature of the materials and size. The inventor figured it was one of the best means to wrap additional items, and they are usually available in various sizes to wrap light and bulk items.

Nowadays, you can get bubble wraps from different shops and dealers, but there are more options and products to wrap your items safely. Regardless of the wraps you get, there are more benefits you should anticipate when buying and using the wraps. You should always choose it instead of other expensive options. Here are reasons to consider bubble wraps. 

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1. Varieties to select

Bubble wraps are available in different types and versions to select. They include general bubble wrap, which is the most common type. The second option is anti-static bubble wrap which is suitable for packing electronics and guaranteeing their safety. You can also get temperature-controlled bubble wrap which you can use to protect the items from extreme temperatures, i.e., cold and high temperatures. 

High-grade bubble wraps are suitable for protecting heavy items hence the name, strong-grade bubble wraps. In the era of sustainability, you can also contact bubble wrap suppliers for more efficient and environmentally friendly bubble wraps. These wraps include FDA-grade bubble wraps and environmentally bubble wraps. For stores and manufacturers, you can organize customized bubble wraps for purposes such as marketing and branding. Other options include medium, standard, and plain bubble wraps.

2. It is economical

There are different ways to package your items to be delivered to the desired destination or arranged on shelves. However, business is currently spending capital on the packaging, which trickles down to the consumers since the cost is included in the goods and services. 

If you plan to reduce the product cost and save your customers some cash, you can use some economical bubble wraps, plain or branded. Once you buy it, you can reuse it for future wrappings and contact your clients to return the wraps for recycling and reuse. 

These wraps are available for different goods regardless of the product's size, weight, and nature. Therefore, you can economically wrap all the items, save costs, and distribute them cheaply. The other advantage is that they protect your things, such as from adverse weather conditions that can affect the items.


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3. The nature of the wraps

Bubble wraps are suitable for wrapping different items regardless of the shapes and sizes. One of the most common options is transparent wraps which can be used for items that should go through inspection. It is suitable for packaging items you plan to ship or when you plan to cross the border. This will protect you from the burden of unwrapping the items for inspection and then returning the wraps. This is tasking and tedious when you can get a transparent option. 

You can also get a customized version for branding and marketing your products. The branded options can also provide other options to include additional details, such as product labeling. 

4. Simplicity

Wrapping may require some expertise and dependence on machines and technology. Sometimes, you may need people to wrap items, especially exclusive items. The advantage of bubble wraps is that they do not require special machine skills and expertise. You can rely on an employee to wrap the items quickly since wrapping does not require much effort. You can wrap the items fast enough and go. 

After wrapping, you do not need particular items to close the wrap tight; you can use tape, pin, and other items to close the wrap and ensure the item is neatly wrapped. Anyone viewing the wrapped items can also appreciate the simplicity, which sometimes prevents using more wrapping materials, which can be unsustainable, primarily when you use non-decomposing bubble wraps. 

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5. Lightweight

Wrap items can also contribute to the weight of the items you plan to ship. Using other things, such as wood, metal, and plastic, can significantly contribute to the weight of your item. With bubble wraps, you can wrap all the items without worries about the rapture and them being exposed to the weather.

It has high structural integrity to protect the items except for the sharp items. Despite the structural integrity, it is lightweight and does not add significant weight to the items wrapped. When you hire moving companies, it is best to wrap the items in bubble wrap to avoid extra weight, which will contribute to the load capacity hence more costs for shipping. However, not all items should be wrapped with bubble wrap due to safety concerns. 

6. Fun wrapping

One of the advantages of wrapping items in bubble wrap is the fun that comes with bursting the bubbles and hearing the popping sounds. This makes them ideal for warping kids' gifts to give them an additional accessory to play with. If you are wrapping items for someone with anxiety and stress or overthinking, you can give them other accessories for fun and relieving stress. 

As they pop the bubbles, they can pop their problems and let go of the situation or the stress. Ensure you dispose of them carefully after you or the kids pop the bubbles since a good number only decomposes slowly. The best disposal method is to return them to the store.

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7. Insulation and protection

The best wrap for sensitive materials and goods is bubble wrap because it protects the items from weather and adverse conditions. The temperature inside the items wrapped and their surrounding is constantly kept normal, different from what is outside. 

You can use them for materials vulnerable to cold temperatures by ensuring the warp keeps the internal content warm till the final destination. The air trapped within the bubbles is a good insulator, protecting the goods you are currently moving. 

When transporting items in a container, you can double or triple the insulation to protect them from corrosion, rust, and moisture, which is expected within such environments. When transporting items in open seas, bubble wrap is the best way to protect the goods.


Bubble wraps are not only a fun way to wrap the items you are shipping. There are more benefits to using these bubble wraps. They protect the items you are carrying; they are fun to use. There are other types of wraps to select from, including customized ones.