5 Styling Tips for Kimono Dresses in 2023

5 Styling Tips for Kimono Dresses in 2023

5 Styling Tips for Kimono Dresses in 2023

Spring or summer, kimono dresses are a great way to elevate your everyday wardrobe. The garment was worn by the Japanese until the 19th century. Today, the outfit makes appearances in western fashion every now and then, helping it gain prominence worldwide. While kimonos are traditionally worn by the Japanese, there are several other ways in which one can spice up their outfit. 

Kimono dresses in modern fashion

An integral part of Japanese fashion and culture, the kimono is synonymous with everything traditional and sophisticated in the country. The term “Kimono” translates to “something to wear.” The traditional outfit is a full-length robe with a unique traditional cut. 

The contemporary kimono dress has undergone multiple changes to suit the modern fashion taste. One can find long, short, vibrant, floral and embroidered versions of the garment today. Putting a spin on the modern kimono is easy and fun if you enjoy a good fashion experiment.

There are different styles available in kimonos, from monochrome to embroidered. Floral kimonos are the most popular and the perfect choice for a spring stroll in the park. With brands like Valentino designing kimonos, the attire is constantly under the limelight.

Kimonos for beginners

A traditional kimono is the embodiment of Japanese elegance. However, the garment’s entry into western fashion has altered it considerably. Contemporary designers reinterpret kimonos to preserve their culture and tradition. Upcycled wedding dresses and innovative designs are ways this is being done. 

Unlike the intricate traditional kimono, the modern alternative is easy to style and carry around. They are made of free-flowing fabrics like chiffon and cotton, making them easy to design and experiment with. Here are 5 simple ways to style your kimono to look modern and chic. 

  • A jacket for your dresses
  • Swimsuit companion
  • Fringe and laces to the rescue
  • Accessories and jewelry
  • Simple and stylish


A Jacket for your Dresses

Kimonos can be worn over your dresses to give them more character. Wearing a kimono over a ribbed dress can help you switch from one style to another during the course of the day. Are you running to an important meeting after a beach party? Wear your dress beneath your kimono for an easy switch. 

From tank tops to maxi dresses, kimonos can make almost any outfit look boho. Silk and satin kimonos are also a part of the night wardrobe of many women.

Swimsuit Companion

A kimono dress is a perfect cover-up for your swimwear when heading out to the beach. It will save you the hassle of carrying extra clothing to the pool. A simple and lightweight kimono is the ideal choice for a hot summer day, as it is breathable and easy to carry around. It will give your skin a break from the sun. 

You can have a belt or sash around your kimono to accentuate the look. A matching scarf can also be worn around your waist or head to add a little flair to your beach outfit.

Fringe and Lace to the Rescue

Kimonos come in various designs and styles. The fringe kimonos are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. It can be worn on multiple occasions, from a first date to a yacht party. Fashion bloggers recommend carrying fringe bags or wearing fun sandals with your fringe kimono. Ankle boots can also help you make a fashion statement.

Lace kimonos are another interesting variety. Long lace kimonos can be worn over your dress, romper or swimsuit. Shorter versions are better suited with solid crop tops and shirts. 

Accessories and Jewelry

It goes without saying that accessories can help one style any piece of clothing. Kimonos are great for when you want to look effortlessly boho. The modern kimono is feminine and can be paired with quite a number of accessories. Belts and sashes are your best friend when it comes to kimonos. Find one that suits the pattern of your kimono to highlight the outfit’s charm. 

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be added to any kimono outfit. A black kimono paired with golden jewelry will have you ready for a dinner party in no time. 

Simple and Stylish

Kimonos are a statement all by themselves. Despite being an elaborate garment, a traditional kimono can be worn easily with a bit of patience and a suitable YouTube tutorial. If a modern kimono is the look you are going for, knots are a way to elevate your look. 

Taking Care of your Kimono Dresses

Modern kimonos are easy to take care of. One can quickly hand wash it or toss it in the washing machine. On the other hand, traditional kimonos should be carefully hand washed. It is best to tend to the garment only in stained places. Mild soap and room temperature water are sure to do the job. 

A Little Japan in the Fashion World

Kimonos being in vogue, has increased interest in Japanese culture and fashion. The “Kimono Style'' exhibition at the Met Museum exemplifies its popularity. The fashion world has taken on the Japanese garment and made it its own with various modifications. Fringe kimonos being one. Kimono cardigans are also a popular addition to the multiple styles of kimonos available in the market today. 

Designers create and design kimonos revering the importance of the garment in Japanese culture. Kimonos are now available with multiple online brands making it easy to get your hands on them. Want to add a little funk to your basic wardrobe? Kimonos are an excellent choice!