4 Different Types Of Jean Cuts For Women And How To Get the Perfect Fit?

4 Different Types Of Jean Cuts For Women And How To Get the  Perfect Fit?

4 Different Types Of Jean Cuts For Women And How To Get the Perfect Fit?

No modern day wardrobe is complete without different types of jeans taking a good part of it. Jeans have been around for over a century and they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact the love, admiration, acceptance and importance it is getting from around the globe, from people of all walks of life, further solidifying its place as a fashion staple for posterity.

 Jeans are that one clothing piece that makes everything work well with it, you can dress it up or down, for daytime or evening and it won’t disappoint you. In today’s day and age we can find so much variety in jeans that it is overwhelming to say the least. From women high waist pants to bootcut jeans to skinny to flared to straight to mom to boyfriend and the list just goes on and on. 

With so much variety to choose from, you can't just buy every pair to try, some cuts are for different body types, some washes are for different complexions and the hem cuts pacify different fashion preferences. 

If you want to get this narrowed down to a few selected cuts and washes then you need to understand the different styles in jeans to find the best match for you. Jeans are super comfortable, stylish and can be easily married to any top but in order for it to give you all that, you need to understand them and know all about them. 

Today, I plan to do just that, this jeans 101 guide will be a tell-all for you, after this you will definitely be able to pick your perfect pairs of jeans.

4 Different Types of Jeans Cuts for Women and How To Get the Perfect Fit?

Before getting down to the cuts, I first want to tell you about the 3 different kinds of rises to choose from. The first one is low-rise which sits 2 inches below the belly button or your navel. This rise is perfect for people with a perfect waistline and abs, as it sits very beautifully right on the hips. 

The next one is the mid-rise which sits just under the belly button, this too can be ideal for athletic built people but it is also the normal jeans that can be paired up by anyone with any top. Next up are my most favorite pair of high waist women jeans, these sit just above the belly button and trust me, this rise is ideal for all body types. You can choose any of these three rises in the cuts below. 

  • Different Jeans Cuts

1.Straight Jeans

The straight jeans cut is ideal for people who like to rock something that provides shape to the legs but are not comfortable in wearing something hugging their legs. Just like the mid-rise, these jeans create a perfect balance of comfort and style. If you have an hourglass, athletic or apple shaped figure straight jeans are good for you. Wear them with casual tees, top them with structured blazers and wearing pumps or pointed toe kitten heels for maximum impact.

2.Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut were considered retro and redundant for a long period of time but they have now made a solid comeback in the fashion scenes. The bootcut jeans have a wider bottom and fitted upper unlike the flared ones which are loose over all. These jeans give the legs a perfect structure from top and add a little drama when moving down. If you have an hourglass or pear shaped figure you will rock this style of jeans. Wear them with tucked in tees, flat sandals or of course boots to look the best. 

3.Boyfriend Jeans

The whole idea behind boyfriend jeans' name is that it should look like you have borrowed it from someone because of their loose fit and baggy appearance and who would you borrow it from other than your own boyfriend, hence the name. These baggy, loose, borderline ill-fitted jeans are very comfy, popular among people who have thicker things but slimmer upper bodies like apple shaped or pear shaped body types. If you want to create a laid back look then go for crop tops or simple cute tees but if you are going for something more dressy then top it off with a blazer, heels and chunky sunglasses. 

4.Wide legged Jeans

This style of jeans is a perfect midpoint between flared and straight jeans style. You may find them in so many washes, rises and lengths and they look amazing each time. They do fit well on the crotch area and hold its shape there but as it moves down it gets wider but stays the same till the end, unlike the flared ones that get wider till the bottom. 


Jeans are not just a piece of clothing, they are a feeling, a way to express yourself and show people what your fashion choices are. Jeans are the second name of comfort so make sure you get the styles that make you feel at home.