Why Your Smile Is More Valuable Than Your Wardrobe

Why Your Smile Is More Valuable Than Your Wardrobe

Why Your Smile Is More Valuable Than Your Wardrobe

Great, you’ve got your monthly pay slip and have a bit of cash to spend on something nice! Nothing quite beats that feeling at the end of the month, especially when the sales are on. It's almost too easy to justify forking out a little of our monthly income on new clothes, especially when you consider that feeling of stepping into a new pair of shoes or popping on a new jacket.

Though, we’re here to suggest that you take a moment to consider the value of any potential spending habits. Fast fashion is usually made with low-cost materials and labour, it is produced super fast to meet the latest trends and massive global demand, ultimately this means that the clothes do not tend to last for long - not to mention you get bored of them yourself eventually. 

We hope you’re sitting down because we were shocked to find out that textile production contributes more to climate change than aviation and shipping combined, according to a report published by the Environmental Audit Committee in the UK.

Whilst new clothes may give you a nice dopamine hit in the short run, investing in more basic areas that make up your appearance are likely a much better way to spend a bit of dosh. Things like dental care and other basics such as a fresh haircut have a big impact on your appearance and well-being. So, before worrying about the latest trends and styles, it's important to get the fundamentals in place. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what you wear - if you don’t feel good before getting dressed. We consider this to be a life hack! Look good no matter what outfit.

Dentistry and fashion - where is the overlap?

When it comes to looking fashionable, having a nice set of teeth isn’t the first thing most people think of, so much so that basic oral health is often overlooked and forgotten in place of buying new clothes. Don’t forget that a nice smile goes a long way in terms of your appearance. While fast fashion trends come and go, a healthy smile is a timeless asset. Not to mention the most important factor of all, good dental hygiene results in good overall health. As if you neglect your teeth it can lead to some pretty serious issues down the line.

Saying that, some people are certainly catching on to this fact - those who know the value of a strong smile are looking for cheaper ways to get cosmetic dental work done. You may have heard about the term “dental tourism”, which involves travelling to another country for cheaper dental work to countries such as Thailand, Poland and more. Though, we really want to stress that this can be quite dangerous… We asked dentists about the real risks that have been observed due to dental tourism and they told us:

“Whilst the immediate results of dental tourism can be appealing, we have unfortunately seen a high number of patients who have permanent damages to their teeth and gums. A popular process that these services use is filing down the teeth to fit veneers, however, there are a lot of nerve endings in the mouth and this is a very disruptive process that should not be taken lightly and this is something that should only be carried out by qualified dentists. ” - The Vallance Dental Centre

Sounds intense! And knowing this is on the rise because people want to be social media influencers is a scary thought. So be super careful if you’re thinking about doing this, in fact, we’d just say to be safe and visit a professional dentist at home. You’ll find they vary in price, but at the end of the day - with dentistry, you do tend to get what you pay for.

Here are some popular cosmetic dental treatments you might want to consider to improve the appearance of your smile:

Once you’ve found a good dentist in Penrith, you may be wondering what you can do to improve your teeth. Many people know about whitening but you may want to consider other services depending on your teeth:

  • Teeth whitening, brightens up yellow teeth.
  • Invisalign, clear removable retainers to straighten your teeth
  • Bonding, repairs broken, chipped or discoloured teeth
  • Veneers, thin custom shells that are placed over your teeth
  • Implants, replace missing teeth and fill any gaps!
  • A professional clean! Basic, but something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Try a minimalist approach to looking good

Minimalism isn't only about decluttering your home and your stuff. It can also help you look your best. When it comes to the wardrobe, forget about fast fashion all together, rise above the trends. Rather, focus on building a high-quality collection of clothes that you will have for many years. This will free up some budget on a monthly basis that will let you splash out a little easier on self-care. That way you can invest more in your body and in your overall health. Trust us, a confident, happy person is much more fashionable than someone grumpy, no matter what new trainers they’re wearing!

Many people are drawn to minimalism as a way to lower stress, improve productivity and to practise positive thinking. Minimalists are able to create more space (and budget!) for the things that truly matter, this is the case in all areas such as in a relationship, hobby and career. In a consumer-driven world, minimalism offers a freshness that allows one to live more mindfully.

Interesting stuff! We love it and don’t think you need to go all-in to be a minimalist, it’s fine to take something out of it and apply it to one or two areas of your life. After all, it’s difficult to give up some possessions. Either way though, we’re sure that you’d agree that there is something powerful to be learned from minimalism, especially when it comes to fashion and self-care.

Conclusion - how to budget for dental treatments

So, you’re on board with improving your dental health in order to look and feel amazing. But dental treatments can be really pricey, so what if you haven’t got the money? Our best advice would be to try your best to cut back on “wants” rather than “needs”. Such as dining out or subscriptions, that way - you can start redirecting some money towards your dental health instead. 

The benefits of good dental hygiene are numerous and worth the upfront cost. Not only can regular dental care prevent costly problems down the line, but it can also improve your overall health and quality of life. We know it’s tough out there but try not to let financial reasons stand in the way of taking care of your teeth and gums. If needed, shop around for the best price (but don’t compromise on quality), and consider asking your dental practice about payment plans. Often they will have payment methods in place that are drawn out over several weeks or months in order to help you out with this.

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