What To Wear to A 90’s Party

What To Wear to A 90’s Party

What To Wear to A 90’s Party

Do you remember the baggy jeans, pants, band t-shirts, and bandanas? Yes, we are talking about the 90s. 90's hip hop theme party outfits which  are in fashion even today. As you might already know, the 90's style is almost here, and more is yet to come. Stealing the show is relatively easy when you have a 90’s party to attend because there are some basics that you should keep in mind. Attending a 90’s party is a lot of fun because it is the perfect opportunity for you to bring back memories from your teenage years and relive them once again with your pals.

This article will discuss what you should wear to a 90’s party. So, keep reading to learn more about the 90’s party outfits below.

How to Look Good At A 90’s Party?

Simple 90’s outfits are easy to style because it is no rocket science. You might have seen the 90s movies and how your favorite characters used to dress in them. Do you want to wear the perfect 90s party outfit like them? Take a look at the 90s freaking outfits below.

1. Band Graphic T-Shirt 

Graphic t-shirts were trendy back in the 90’s, and if you have a 90’s party to attend anytime, then a graphic tee with  plaid shorts would look super cool. Some popular bands from the 90’s are Backstreet Boys, Nirvana, and blink 182. If you wear a graphic band t-shirt featuring any of these bands, it will instantly give you the classic 90 look.

2. 90s Baggy Jeans 

90’s straight jeans are pretty nostalgic for the 90's babies because these pants were very popular back then. These oversized and baggy jeans were trendy in the late 90’s, and you can bring them back by wearing them at the 90’s party you have to attend soon. You can pair it with a funky 8 ball jacket and then you are good to go.

3. 90s Denim Overall 

Remember the single-strap denim overalls from the 90s? You still get to see them in 90's themed TV shows, and you can bring this trend back by wearing it for your theme party. Any basic t-shirt under it is going to work flawlessly.

4. Motorcycle Leather Jacket 

Vintage leather jackets were trendy in the 90s and considered a cool wardrobe staple. The best 90's look for your theme party can be wearing a vintage leather jacket with a graphic t-shirt. A vintage leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing for your wardrobe, and you can style it in many different ways. A motorcycle leather jacket will make you look like a biker from the 90s and give you that popular and rebellious look according to the 90s vibe!

5. Denim Jacket With Patches 

If you don't want to do much for the 90s-themed party, wear a denim jacket with patches. It is an effortless look and will return hip-hop memories to you again. The best part about wearing a denim jacket with patches on it is that you can wear almost anything, such as sneakers and a t-shirt underneath. There is no hard and fast rule to styling a denim jacket.

6. 90s Turtleneck Sweaters


Do you want to look like you are from the 90s, but you also want to feel cozy? If you are not to do much, then all you can do is wear a turtleneck sweater with a check pant. It will instantly make you look like someone who was born decades ago! You can also wear it with a bomber jacket, but remember that you don't suffocate because the turtleneck sweaters are already quite warm.

7. Cargo Baggy Pants 

90's fashion was all about baggy and loose clothing. The trend is returning because many celebrities like Justin Bieber are already walking  in Cargo baggy pants. These cargo pants used to come with multiple pockets so that guys could easily carry their essentials. If you want the 90s skater boy look instantly, you can go for baggy cargo pants with a simple shirt.

8. Caps 

In the 90s,  caps were a thing, and many guys rocked them. If you have long hair, you can wear a wide cap with shorts and hoodie, which will be a look for the 90's theme party.

9. Oversized Hoodie

If you are about to attend a 90's theme party, you can wear a dark colored oversized hoodie with shorts or wide legged jeans. You can elevate your 90s vibe even more by throwing on a thick gold chain, and there you go. You look like a character out of GTA San Andreas!


When you are about to dress for a 90s party, you need to remember that you distinguish it from the 80s era. 80s fashion had a rebellious look, but the late 90s style was relaxed and careful at the same time. You want to wear something that is not only practical but also looks highly comfortable on you.