What Should You Gift On Your Best Friend’s Birthday

What Should You Gift On Your Best Friend’s Birthday

What Should You Gift On Your Best Friend's Birthday 

Finding a best friend in today's world is a great treasure for you to shield and protect. In today's world, where people do not care about others' feelings, finding someone who genuinely cares about you is definitely worth a lot! From sharing your worst secrets to your best memories, your best friend is nothing short of being a human diary, listening to every word you wish to say.  

Now, when your best friend's birthday is just rolling around the corner, you must plan to throw the best birthday party for your best friend! All things aside, the first aspect of the birthday party that you need to take care of is finding the perfect present to gift your best friend on their birthday.  

In this article, we have compiled some top-notch birthday presents you can gift your best friend on their birthday. So, check it out:  

1. Escape room games   

Escape rooms are one-of-a-kind games offering players an immersive and exciting gaming experience like never before! Many escape room companies offer players exciting game vouchers to gift others. You can grab these game vouchers and give them to your best friend as a unique birthday present.  

Other than gift vouchers, you can also take your best friend to enjoy playing an escape room game together with you. Breakout is a popular escape room venture in Bangalore that provides players with 5+ escape room games to choose from and play. The facility also welcomes players to host their birthday celebration, sharing in the fun of escape rooms!  

2. Makeup Mirror    

While buying makeup products can be the trickiest affair that you would ever get into, buying a makeup mirror is a piece of cake. Why don't you buy a makeup mirror with touch sensors to gift your best friend for their birthday? 

This touch sensor on the makeup mirror will allow your best friend to control the lighting based on her needs and desires. Makeup mirrors come in various sizes and forms, where you can even find mirrors opening up in three-folds and offering a surrounding outlook!  

3. Kindle Paperwhite 

For the avid book lover, there can be nothing better than a gift fostering their passion for books. Books may often become too cumbersome for someone to carry around. In this light, the Kindle Paperwhite can be the perfect companion for every book lover.  

With a bright screen display and a lot of storage, this will make your best friend smile the biggest on their birthday this year. What's even more exciting is that it is waterproof and can be integrated with Audible to listen to audiobooks too!   

4. The Friends Apartment LEGO set 

Does your best friend tune into F.R.I.E.N.D.S. whenever they are free? For people who enjoy binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the Friends Apartment LEGO set can be the best-ever birthday present! From her favorite characters like Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, and Joey, to her all-time favorite apartment, let it come alive through this LEGO set.  

The LEGO set includes several iconic and realistic props that will make the building experience all the more immersive for your best friend! They can now find real props like Phoebe's dollhouse and others as they open up the set and solve it. Your best friend will feel a sudden surge of nostalgia as they get down and start assembling the pieces of this LEGO box set.   

5. Wristwatch 

Does your best friend ever get out of the house without a wristwatch strapped to their wrist? For people who love wristwatches, rest assured they can never have enough of them! So, you can buy your best friend an excellent wristwatch for their birthday this year.  

From a rose gold stainless steel watch to a silver-tone watch to a casual stainless steel and leather dress watch, the variety of options is probably endless. So, based on your knowledge of your friend's tastes and what kind of watches you generally find her to wear, you can select a suitable one for their birthday!  

6. Personalized leather keychain 

For people looking for a personal, practical, and stylish gift, a personalized leather keychain can be perfect for your best friend's birthday celebration. You can easily find it on popular online shopping platforms at a budget-friendly price.  

The leather keychain's rugged and slightly vintage outlook adds a unique appeal to this keychain. Your best friend can now keep hold of all their keys around the house using this stylish and distinctive personalized leather keychain!  


Birthdays are one of the year's best days for anyone, and your best friend is undoubtedly no exception! Your best friend takes care of you daily, protecting and shielding you from the cruel world around you. Now it is your turn to let your best friend know how much you care for them. So, go ahead and find the perfect present to gift your best friend on their birthday this year, and watch how big their smile grows as they see it!