What Are The Steps To Make An Amazing Hat? Know The Right Process!

What Are The Steps To Make An Amazing Hat? Know The Right Process!

What Are The Steps To Make An Amazing Hat? Know The Right Process!

When you are wearing hats for enhancing the look of your outfit, you may be curious about the process of manufacturing amazing hats. It will be very fascinating to know the tools and the materials through which the hats are made. Let us discuss the different effective steps and processes to make hats.

Cutting and Sorting 

For obtaining fur, wild hare, beaver, or rabbits are used. These animals are cleaned at first for removing the impurities and grease. For the carroting purpose, one acidic solution is used. This process helps the materials to prepare for the felting process. With the help of the cutting machine, the skins are separated keeping the fur side down. Through the picking and the blowing machines, the fur gets sorted out from the skin. The fur is then bagged in each bag of 5 lb and then shipped to the plant for the next process.

Initial Shaping and Felt Mixing Process 

At first, the fur gets weighed and different types are segregated according to the requirements of the companies. The fur gets cleaned after unpacking from the bag and then placed into the giant blender for fine blending. When the fur gets forwarded to the feeder, it gets blended into the finer blends. After the fur gets processed into the feeder, it is transferred to the blowing machine. When the fur gets out from the machine, all the bad fibers get manually removed from the entire mix.  The mixture is then placed on the conveyor where the mixture turns into long sheets. The sheets are then placed into a dome-shaped structure which is the initial shape of the hat. The dome spins for approximately around 30 seconds, collecting the fur in a similar manner where the cotton candy gets wrapped by the spinner. The dome is then placed in hot water for 35 seconds for molding the fur fibers into their right places.

Dyeing Process 

After applying the hot water and twisting activities, a series of giving pressure and rolling takes place. After that, the structure of the hat is placed on the hardening machine four times. The hat then starts to shrink to its proper size. Bodies of the hats are dyed with different pigments for creating a colorful range. The americanhatmakers.com will help in guiding about the dyeing process of the hats.

Shaping or Blocking 

With the help of a team of 3 members, this activity will be easier. At first, a tipper should stretch the crown portion of the hat. Then the person known as the brimmer will create the brim and the band-line. Then finally the blocker creates the final shape of the hat by applying the substance for stiffening. 


The hat-making process involves different quality-checking processes in various stages. For checking the body, finish, feel and comfort, different stages of inspection takes place. Starting from the cutting process and separating the fur from the animal skin to the process of gaining the final shape of the hat, the quality check is very important in every stage.