Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Vacation In Ireland

Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Vacation In Ireland

Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Vacation To Ireland

Ireland is an island comprising the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the latter belonging to the United Kingdom. Many people associate Ireland with unending rain. While it is true that the island does have its fair share of bad weather, it also has a lot to offer tourists.

If you are planning a vacation and are not sure where you should go then Ireland deserves some consideration. This post will explain why and will tell you some compelling reasons why taking a trip to Ireland is something that is worth doing.

Unique Irish Territories

Unlike many other parts of Europe, there are not many Irish island territories. With that being said, those that do exist, like the Aran Islands, are drenched in history. According to the folks behind www.aranislands.ie, the Aran Islands are where you should go if you want the true Irish experience. Before planning a trip to any Irish island it is important to book accommodation. Waiting until after you arrive to secure hotel rooms is a bad idea. There is no guarantee you will be able to get a room if you wait until the last minute.

Incredible Natural Landscapes

Ireland is famous all over the world for its immense natural beauty; there is truly nowhere else like it in all of Europe. Ireland has a mix of misty mountains, grassy moors, and ocean cliffs. It should not surprise you to learn then that Ireland is a popular place for hikers to visit. If you plan on taking a trip to Ireland to go hiking then make sure you bring high-quality walking equipment and a cell phone booster in case you lose signal on your phone.

Regular Live Music and Festivals

Irish drinking culture is something that will be covered in more detail toward the end of this post. Something that goes hand-in-hand with the island’s famous drinking culture is music. Irish folk music is known all over the world. Festivals are held all over Ireland on an almost weekly basis. If music is something that interests you then why not use your visit to Ireland to check out folk festivals? Live music is also a fixture in most of the pubs in Ireland, no matter where you are.

Ancient Castles and Monuments

Irish history is truly fascinating. It is sadly overshadowed by English history, however. Sometimes it is even lumped in with English history. Ireland is a distinct place with its own cultural heritage and history and should not be confused with England or any other part of Great Britain. Irish history is, in many respects, much deeper and more unique than English history. Much of England’s early history was lost during the Roman conquests. Ireland’s history and folklore have remained intact and are just as accessible today as it was several thousand years ago. With all of the above in mind, it should not surprise you to learn that there are countless ancient castles in Ireland and historic monuments for you to visit there.

Scenic Road Trips

One of Europe’s most famous driving routes, the Wild Atlantic Way, can be found in Ireland. However, there are many more scenic road trip routes for you to follow besides the Wild Atlantic Way. As Ireland is pretty remote in places it is important to meticulously plan any road trip before hitting the road. Ensure you have enough fuel and supplies. Heading out for a road trip when you are unprepared can be very dangerous. People are killed and injured doing this on a regular basis.

Famous Drinking Culture

Ireland’s drinking culture is unique and world-famous. You can find Irish pubs in nearly every city in the world, with the exception of places where the consumption of alcohol is forbidden like in Saudi Arabia. To truly experience Irish drinking culture you need to go to a real Irish pub, in Ireland. Irish pubs outside of Ireland tend more often than not to be poor imitations. A real Irish pub is somewhere you will never forget visiting. Trips to Irish pubs can also be great ways of meeting locals and acquainting yourself with Irish culture.

Meeting the Locals

Finally, one of the best things about visiting Ireland is that by doing so, you get to meet the Irish. Whether you are mingling with Irish from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Both are warm, welcoming, and accepting of strangers.

Ireland is unlike anywhere else in the world. The only way to truly familiarize yourself with Irish culture (and to understand why it is such a popular place for people to go to on vacation) is to visit it yourself.