Top 5 Nail Spas in Dubai

Top 5 Nail Spas in Dubai

Top 5 Nail Spas in Dubai

Do you know about beauty tourism? Most people may hear this term for the very first time. It refers to the increasing trend of people going overseas for beauty treatments, including kerasilk and hair restoration. Dubai is quickly making a name for itself as a top beauty destination. The reason that people prefer Dubai is because of its unique offerings. You get to visit the world's tallest building, go dune bashing, explore marine life, see exquisite malls, and experience delicious cuisine.

With so much to enjoy, people opt for Dubai for beauty treatments. They think that they can get the treatment done and explore a vibrant place simultaneously. When it comes to beauty treatment, there are several types. e.g. hair, nail, facial, eyes, and skin. There are numerous salon in Dubai where you can get top-quality treatment. Today, our focus is on the nails.

Why is Nail Care Important?

There are several reasons men and women must focus on nail care:

Overall Health

Your nails and health are interrelated. If you have poor nail hygiene, your health will be impacted. You are prone to diseases, especially stomach related. The reason is that you use your hand to eat. When you have poor nail hygiene, bacteria and germs from the hand can transfer to your mouth.

Help You Relax

When you care for your nails, it will help you relax. How? Nail care, such as manicure, have a calming effect on your body. Secondly, the top nail spa in Dubai offers complementary services to help you relax.

Improves Self Confidence

If your nails appear perfect, it will improve your self-confidence. There is no need to hide your nails, and you can proudly show them to others.

Nail Health

When you care for your nails, their health improves. They don’t break easily, nor do they catch infections.

While we can write a lot more on why nail care is important, we believe these points are enough to convince you to adopt better nail hygiene.

Top Nail Spas in Dubai

Several nail salons in Dubai deserve the title of best nail spa in Dubai. We aim to list these salons and discuss what makes them a good choice. We have selected these nail salons based on several factors, including the customer reviews, ambience, service quality, and experience of the salon team.

Rami Jabali

If you live in Dubai or plan to visit it for the first time, we highly recommend this salon. Some may consider it pricey, but we feel that it offers value for money. Every dirham that you spend in this salon will give you satisfaction. This salon offers various nail services such as shellac removal, nail shaping, and manicures.

The customer reviews tell us that the salon has a very calming ambience. It is kept clean throughout the day, a sign of its commitment to customer satisfaction. The staff, including the owner Rami, are quite professional. They are always on hand to answer customer queries and help them make the best decision.

Rami Jabali has two salons in Dubai. One branch is in the Ritz Carlton. You can avail of their free valet service. In other words, you get quality service in the salon without having to worry about your vehicle. After the nail spa, you can get a nice cup of coffee or a meal in the hotel.

Be Dashing Beauty

As the name indicates, their goal is to help you achieve the perfect look. This nail spa in Dubai uses innovative techniques to ensure your nails look their best. For example, most salons offer only one type of pedicure/manicure. In the case of Be Dashing Beauty, it offers different types, including Russian pedicures. The salon has trained professionals to offer this pedicure, which is undoubtedly a plus point. You can avail of hammam services under the same roof.

Mind & Sense Salon

This salon offers the best value for money. If you check out their website, you will see a never-ending list of nail services. Even experts can feel overwhelmed due to so many choices. But there is nothing to worry about, as the team can help you decide the best treatment based on your budget and needs. You can rest easy knowing that this salon will never oversell as they keep your best interests at the heart of each decision.

Nails LAB

This salon believes that nail care is not an art but a science. It has carefully refined its processes to offer services which are near perfection. The standout point about this salon is that you get the same quality of care and service each time you visit. This is the place if you are looking for a unique look, such as Swarovski crystals attached to your nails. The salon is up to date with the latest trends, which is undoubtedly a positive point.

The Nail Spa

The first thing that you must do after entering this salon is order a drink. This salon has a nice menu which coffers drinks and light snacks. Very few salons in Dubai offer such a service to their clients. The Nail Spa has multiple unique offerings, and one of them is the chairs. Unlike other salons, the chairs are truly unique. Their design is something that you won’t see anywhere else, which shows that they are custom-made. Lastly, their pricing is quite reasonable.


It concludes our article on the top 5 nail salon in Dubai. Before opting for a service at any of these salons, confirm the pricing. Some customers complain that the prices displayed online differ from what they are charged. So, to avoid issues, confirm the pricing beforehand.