The Ultimate Influencer Christmas List: Top Pick on Gifts to Buy

hanging advent stockings for Christmas

The Ultimate Influencer Christmas List: Top Pick on Gifts to Buy

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the period before the holidays can be quite stressful. Shopping for the perfect gift isn’t easy, but if you know what’s trending at the moment, you can effortlessly find an item that your friend or family member can enjoy.

Many influencers and internet personas capitalize on the holiday season and have made lists upon lists of Christmas present ideas and intriguing finds that can inspire you and help you out. 

From the viral Hulken bag and accessories to productivity planners and photo printers, we bring you the ultimate influencer Christmas list; the top products shared by influencers throughout the year that can serve as great gift ideas. Read on to check out our influencer-endorsed gift guide and see what to look for and wow your friends with!

The Influencer Christmas List: The 12 Top Gifts the Influencers Recommend

With many new products dropping each day, it can be hard to keep track of the newest sensations. If you start looking at everything influencers have endorsed, the list of Christmas gifts you come up with will be endless! '[]'\cfd|

Luckily, we’ve narrowed the choice to the top dozen show-stopping gift ideas that’ll make the best holiday surprise. Let’s see what you can get your close ones to help them mark the beginning of 2023 with style.

Gift #1 - The Hulken Bag: Pack and Roll with Style!

The Hulken bag is a stylish multipurpose gift that can work for anyone! It’s the go-to roller bag for influencers, business owners, or anyone running day-to-day errands.

Hulkens come in a few different colors, and you can pick between black, silver, and rose. The options give you some variety while still being neutral enough to go nicely with the rest of your get-up. 

These bags also come in three sizes – small, medium, and large – to better fit your needs, whatever they may be. While Hulkens come at a higher price than regular tote bags, they’re also compact, durable, and reusable. Thus, this long-lasting bag is a sustainable choice that’ll never be out of style.

Designed in Switzerland, the Hulken rolling tote can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and heavy loads, which makes it perfect for anyone that’s constantly on the go. It can easily transport all sorts of things – from foldable tripods to chunky boxes of makeup, heaps of clothes, and even firewood. The best part is that the handles on this bag are unbreakable!

Whether you want to save your friend from breaking their back with grocery bags or make it easy for them to take their work gear from one setting to another, the Hulken rolling tote will make the ultimate gift.

But you need to act fast since Hulkens sell out as fast as they restock. It might be a good idea to pre-order your tote to make sure it arrives on time.

Gift #2 - A Mini Waffle Maker

A mini waffle maker is another great present that’s not just fun and cool to look at but also useful. If your friend or family member is a fan of waffles, they’ll use this gift all the time to quickly whip up a tasty meal!

There are various benefits to opting for a miniature waffle maker. For starters – the design. A mini version of a waffle maker doesn’t sound that much different than the regular appliance. However, these devices are available in a load of different colors and patterns, which only add to their appeal.

Additionally, mini appliances are affordable presents, and they’re compact, meaning they won’t take up too much counter space. This makes them the perfect gift for anyone since they fit in just about any kitchen.

Gift #3 – A Wine Decanter

A wine decanter may not be the right gift for everyone, but it makes a spectacular present for any serious wine lover. 

Decanting your wine involves slowly pouring it into another container – the decanter. Now, while this may seem like an unnecessary step to pouring yourself a glass of your favorite wine, it’s well worth it. 

Decanting exposes the drink to more air, enhances the flavor, and releases certain aromas, fully transforming the wine-drinking experience. What’s more, decanters come in different shapes and sizes, and most would make great statement pieces for a dinner table.

Even if your friends are merely casual enjoyers, they’re sure to appreciate a stunning decanter that’ll have them feeling like true sommeliers.

Gift #4 – A Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase isn’t the most extravagant or flashy present you could get, but it’ll be one that’s cherished and appreciated. After all, there’s nothing better than having a soft and smooth pillow to rest your head on at the end of a long day.

A silk pillowcase has multiple benefits – the material feels great to the touch but is also amazing for your skin. Silk is hypoallergenic and doesn’t draw any moisture or natural oils from your face. This all makes it perfect for any skin type and ideal for people with sensitivities.

Additionally, silk pillowcases don’t create as much friction between the head and the pillow as other materials. This means no more frizzy hair in the morning. The best part about a silk pillowcase as a gift is that it’s pricier than other choices but still affordable. So, it’s an easy luxury to gift your friends, and one they may not have even considered.

Gift #5 – Productivity Planners

Let’s face it – there’s always that one friend that keeps busy and has something going on at any given time. As the year wraps up, Christmas is the perfect time to get them a new productivity planner. 

While our phones are powerful devices that have taken on the role of many different everyday items, they simply can’t replace a physical planner. You can certainly use a smartphone for the same purpose, but it’s extremely easy to swipe away any notification you get and forget about it.

When people write things down, they tend to remember them more and feel a greater sense of responsibility to complete their tasks. Most productive individuals swear by their planners that help them keep up with life, especially if they’re self-employed and don’t work a classic 9-to-5 job. 

You can even find your friend some theme-appropriate planners. They’ll love the idea of keeping their to-do lists and ideas in a single place. Choose one that’s elegant, retro, or cute that comes with stickers and little neon post-its. 

Gift #6 – Trendy Sneakers

Some people spend a lot of their time on their feet, whether it’s for work or recreational purposes. Gifting some of your active and on-the-go friends a pair of comfortable, trendy sneakers will definitely make their day.

Color-wise, you can’t go wrong with an all-white model. These never go out of style, and your friend will wear them for years to come. Trendy white sneakers seem simple, but they represent a classic choice that’s the perfect accessory to any outfit.

If you’re considering a particular brand, it’s better to buy a pair sooner rather than later, so you’re sure you can get your order on time. Also, be sure to get the right shoe size! If you’re not sure what it is, try subtly asking your friend, or get that information from someone they’re close to so you can keep the gift a surprise.

Gift #7 – Jewelry Cases

As cool as wearing jewelry is, storing it can be a hassle, and it’s usually the last thing on anyone’s mind. Whether your friend is a girl or a guy, if they own jewelry, it can easily end up casually spread out on a desk or hastily thrown into a bag.

However, you can’t just drop pieces of jewelry inside your tote and carry on or pile them up in your home – the pieces will get tangled and potentially ruined. This is where jewelry cases come in! 

You can choose a classic upright jewelry box that will be a great decoration piece or go for a pouch-like case that’ll fit nicely in their traveling tote. Either way, storing and transporting jewelry will become easier than ever.

If your friend is big on accessorizing, they would love a gift that helps them organize their collection and keep it safe. Moreover, you can choose from a plethora of styles and colors to really make the gift special and personal.

Gift #8 – Fujifilm Instax Camera

Funnily enough, going retro has never been trendier! You can give your friends a fun experience and an opportunity to create unique memories with an instant camera. Designs like those in Fujifilm’s Instax series are all the rage on social media, as they’re stylish accessories and also functional tools.

The Instax mini models are easy to use and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They’re all retro-themed, compact, and in around 90 seconds, give awesome photographs that your friend will forever hold dear. 

Gift #9 – A Music Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charger

Your friend is sure to be reminded of you every night as they use their new touch-sensitive night lamp. This gift is a stylish and modern addition to anyone’s bedroom that comes with a wireless charging function for their phone.

There are 4 brightness settings, which means you can adjust it to whatever level you prefer. Additionally, the lamp functions as a Bluetooth speaker and can fill up a room with some sweet tunes.

Gift #10 – A Camera Tripod

It may not seem like an essential item, but a reliable tripod makes all the difference when filming or taking pictures. Whether your friend spends more time creating content indoors or outdoors, if they like using their phone’s camera, a tripod is a must.

This is something that the average person doesn’t think to get, yet a tripod is useful for anyone with a camera. It’s easily one of those gifts a friend will truly appreciate once they open the bag. 

Gift #11 – Add-On Phone Lenses

Not every smartphone comes with a superb camera lens, but we often don’t think much of it. This is why external camera lenses make one of the best surprise gifts. If your friend is one of the many that rely on their smartphones for any type of content, consider gifting them add-on phone camera lenses this holiday season.

They’re sure to thank you for the chance to take amazing closeups, zoom in on the most intricate details, and focus on distant objects in their videos to capture breathtaking scenes. They might even take some stunning shots of you in the future!

Gift #12 – A Wall-Mounted Mirror

Wall-mounted mirrors framed in oak and hanging on a jute rope make the ultimate shabby-chic decor piece. Your friend can use it to view their outfits from a different angle or snap some pics to showcase them on social media, including a view of their stylish mirror. 

You can choose different types, like a square or an oval-shaped mirror, but make sure to include the jute rope for hanging. This adds a touch of carefree elegance and is what makes the piece stand out!

The Wrap-Up: Top Influencer-Friendly Presents to Gift This Christmas Season

As difficult as it can be to find the right present, it’s worth it when we see the recipient’s face light up when opening it. Our influencer Christmas list includes popular items that you can get for various types of people, no matter their style, job, or personal habits.

You really can’t go wrong if you choose a reliable bag on wheels as a gift. It’s convenient for everyone and a sustainable choice that any eco-conscious friend would love. If you choose to go with the rolling Hulken tote, make sure to grab yours fast and pre-order now to have it delivered right in time before Christmas!