Smart Winter Attire for the Workplace

Smart Winter Attire for the Workplace

Smart Winter Attire for the Workplace

Dressing appropriately for the workplace isn’t always easy. It requires a fine balance between professionalism, comfort, and fashion.

Finding work-appropriate attire during the winter months can be even more difficult, as you also need to factor in warmth and coziness. Staying warm and comfortable at work enables you to focus fully on your work tasks and not on how cold your hands and feet might be! 

Depending on where you work and how your employer wants you to dress, you might be able to get away with more informal outfits during the winter months. If your employer hasn't given you a smart dress code to follow, you have plenty of opportunity to wear fashionable items that are still warm and practical during winter. 

Keep reading to learn how to dress smartly for work in the winter.

Smart Winter Attire for the Workplace

If you're searching for the best winter clothing to wear in the workplace, so you look smart but also stay warm, consider investing in the following items for your winter wardrobe.

Blazers and cardigans

Both blazers and cardigans are staples in the workplace. They're smart, practical, and comfortable, and they add an extra layer to your upper body to keep you warm during the day.

You can find blazers in all sorts of colors, styles, and lengths, so you won't struggle to find a suitable option for your needs. You might prefer a cropped blazer that is light and airy if your office has heating during winter. If you're heading out and about to meet clients, a longer, thicker blazer could be more suitable. 

Cardigans also come in a range of lengths and styles, including collared, non-collared, buttoned, and open. You might want to treat yourself to a high-quality cashmere crop cardigan that sits at your waistline or go for a longer cotton cardigan that covers part of your upper legs.

Formal dresses

For those of you who don't like to wear smart trousers in the workplace, a formal dress with black tights is a great alternative. Most employers will ask that your dress covers your knees and that your tights are relatively opaque so that your outfit is appropriate if you're meeting clients.

Thick cotton tights will keep your legs warm during the colder winter months but they still look work-appropriate. You can pair your formal dress and tights with a blazer or cardigan and some smart work shoes to complete your outfit.

Ankle boots

Finding a pair of smart shoes that are going to keep your feet warm at work can be difficult. Pumps and dolly shoes might be perfect for summer when the weather is warmer, but they're not the best option for the rain or snow that winter can bring.

Find yourself a pair of high-quality ankle boots that look professional but keep your ankle and toes well-protected from the frosty winter weather. You can treat yourself to a couple of different pairs of ankle boots so that you have shoes to match different work outfits.