Slippers Are Becoming Go-To Footwear, and It’s Time to Join the Cozy Fun

Slippers Are Becoming Go-To Footwear, and It’s Time to Join the Cozy Fun

Slippers: They’re comfy, cozy, fluffy, and everything in between. You might only know them as at-home relaxation footwear, but they have become so much more than the cozy house shoes you wear for a few hours on weekend mornings. In recent years, both adult and kids slippers have transformed into everyday shoes you can wear pretty much anywhere. With a high-quality pair of slippers, this trend can definitely stick for you too. Here’s everything you need to know about slippers and their future in the footwear scene.

The History of Slippers

Slippers aren’t new by any means. In fact, they have a history that dates back thousands of years to similar styles in Native American, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. Back then, these shoes were more often used as everyday footwear, but over the last few hundred years, they evolved into something different.

As people began to spend more time in their homes, slippers grew in popularity and started to match the designs you know today. Around this time, they were used to keep feet warm in cold Victorian homes. Once central heating became widespread, slippers became an easy way to prioritize comfort. Today, their popularity is only growing, and for a good reason. Adult and kids slippers are cozier than ever before. Soon, you’ll find out why they are such a great footwear option inside and outside the house.

What Makes Slippers So Great?

When you slide your feet into a pair of slippers, it should feel like you’re walking on clouds. Whether you already have a favorite pair or you remember trying on your mom’s slippers when you were young, it’s easy to see why so many people love wearing them.

They help you get into a more relaxed mood, which is always needed when you feel like you’re being stretched in a million different directions.

Best of all, they’re super easy to put on. As the name implies, you don’t have to deal with laces or tongues like regular shoes. Simply slip them on, and you’re good to go. 

Slippers are so highly regarded that you can find other footwear styles that offer the same benefits. You can search for vegan boots made with a synthetic blend lining that feels just like a warm pair of slippers. Or you can find tall boots that you can slip into in seconds. Not only is footwear taking inspiration from the best aspects of slippers, but slippers themselves are evolving, making them a footwear choice you’ll want to wear all day, every day.

Features That Make Slippers an All-Day Shoe

Slippers haven’t just gained popularity because of how comfortable they are to wear at home—although that is an excellent benefit. Now, they’ve gained traction as an increasingly fun option you can wear outside the house. Anywhere you can wear your favorite casual pair of womens gray boots, you can rock slippers. You might be wondering: How is that possible? Well, the best slippers feature these three details that make them perfect for everyday wear.

Durable Outsole

A durable outsole is the first feature any slipper needs to become your everyday favorite. 

Slippers used to be made for comfort over everything else. But the best modern styles feature a versatile thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outsole you can take almost anywhere. If you’re on a gravel path at your favorite local park, this outsole protects both your slippers and your feet from any potentially damaging debris. Sidewalks used to be rough on slippers because they could wear them down or even snag the material. But now, sidewalks, roads, and paths don’t stand a chance, thanks to your durable slippers.

Waterproof Coating

No matter how much you wish you could, you can’t control the weather. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for any conditions nature might throw at you. When it comes to slippers, this means staying protected from water, mud, and anything else you might encounter along your journey.

The best slippers are coated in a waterproof product that repels anything that might stain or damage the fabric, like NeverWet®. This can put you at ease while wearing your slippers outdoors and is especially useful for kids slippers. You know how much your little ones love to splash around in puddles. Now, no matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to stain those precious little slippers, and their feet can stay cozy inside.

Cozy Lining

What would slippers be without a cozy interior that you never get tired of? Well, they wouldn’t be slippers. That’s why the best options aren’t only innovating their exterior but their interior as well. These days, slippers are comfier than you’ve ever felt before. Cozy and warm materials like sheepskin are the perfect way to keep your feet feeling great all day. When it gets cold in the winter and fall, the wool blend lining secures warmth inside. Then, in the spring and summer, it’s perfect for regulating temperature without getting too hot.

Where Can You Wear Your Slippers?

Now that you’ve seen why you’ll want to wear slippers all the time, what about where you’ll wear them? This is where you get to be creative and really have fun. There are so many places you can rock slippers, including:

  • The movie theater or bookstore
  • Brunch with your friends
  • A visit to the park with your family
  • Long car rides during a road trip
  • A walk around the block with your dog
  • Trips to the grocery store or other errands

And so much more! Now that slippers are commonly worn outside the house, the possibilities are endless. It all comes down to where you go and what you do. If you work from home, slippers can be your go-to “office” footwear. If you and your family enjoy camping, you’ll all want a pair for nights spent under the stars roasting marshmallows. Slippers used to be stuck inside the house, but now, they’re built to match your lifestyle and go wherever you go.

The Future of Slippers

Slippers are growing increasingly popular as everyday footwear, but their influence is growing broadly across all types of footwear. You can find wide width boots for men with an interior fabric so soft they feel like slippers. There are even casual women’s boots with durable outsoles that can double as your favorite pairs of slippers. Even if the shapes, sizes, and colors of slippers change, the details that make them inherently cozy and fun to wear will remain. Grab a pair for yourself and enjoy everything there is to love about slippers.


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