Premium High Heels for Women

Premium High Heels for Women

Premium High Heels for Women

What makes a premium high heel? Is the style of the heel? Is it the level of comfort it provides? Or is it all about what makes the heels premium to you? It's likely that last one. However, if you need help figuring that out, here is some information that you may find helpful.

There is a Pair of High Heels for Everyone

Regarding premium high heels for women, there is something for everyone, shop 5 inch high heels online. Whether you love a sexy stiletto or want something more grounded, you can find what you're looking for. There are arrays of different styles to choose from, and they can fit any budget. Let's look at some styles.

Heel Variety

  • Peep Toes: Peep-toe heels are considered one of the most comfortable types. They are meant to show off your toes. You might want to get a pedicure to go with them. 
  • Wedge Heels:  Wedge heels are known for comfort and a casual look. A lot of women choose wedge heels for everyday events.
  • Cone Heels:  These heels are shaped like cones for more professional looks. These mainly do well at the office.
  • Stilettos: Stilettos are known for being the “sexy shoes.”  They are usually 4 - 6 inches in length. Some are available with shorter heels if you love stilettos but hate the height factor.
  • Platform Heels: These heels are designed with comfort in mind and are usually more casual in style.
  • Kitten Heels: Kitten heels are perfect for the wearer who doesn't like high heels but still wants to stand out. The heels are usually shorter than the average heels.
  • Spool Heels: Spool heels are wide at the top and bottom and are narrower in the middle. They resemble the shape of a cotton spool or hourglass.
  • Stacked Heels: Stacked heels are made by stacking layers of wood or leather to give a striping effect. Most associate them with western style boots.
  • Chunky Heels: Chunky heels, also known as "block heels," are more commonly considered as the heel shape that offers the most comfort. They look the best with a casual outfit.

It seems most of the most comfortable heels are for casual looks. That's okay because these shoes will have different colors and designs. You can find a more grounded high heel with a classy look for any engagement.

When it comes to premium high heels for women, the question is, how would you define premium? Are you more concerned about comfort, or is it all about the look? If you don't mind the heel size, you might need this