How To Wear And Style Neutral Color Clothes

How To Wear And Style Neutral Color Clothes

How To Wear And Style Neutral Color Clothes

We all had that misconception that neutral color only includes black, white, and shades of grey. However, that is not the case - neutral colors are the classic colors that make the foundation pieces of your wardrobe, for example - a little black dress, which can never go wrong! They are stylish and versatile that portray power, capability, and elegance.

Nowadays, shopping for neutrals has become fun and creative. The neutral palette comprises various colors like all creams, beige, browns, white, black, navy, grey, blush, etc. Neutral colors come in different shades, which include both dark and light. So, you must know how to choose the right clothing colors for your skin tone that complements each other.

Wearing and styling neutrals correctly can make getting dressed easier. It will also help you to create a more minimal closet if you stick to a neutral color palette. You also can mix and match the neutrals with other vibrant colors for greater visual balance and a creative look. Let’s check out a few ways to style your neutrals.

1. Mixing Neutral Tones

There is no time to stress about matching your neutral colors perfectly. There is no need to check whether your cream top is the same as your cream bottoms. It does not matter if the combination consists of Creams and beiges or Creams and cognac. Make it neutral from head to toe, and it all feels so much more cohesive. Having some repetition and consistency in your shades and tones will help make it feel more intentional and elevated.

2. Using Denim as a Base

If you are not comfortable wearing all neutral from head to toe, especially creams and tans, try to pair it up with your denim pieces. Any shades of denim, especially blue color will work best, and you can try out all the mixing and matching. You can mix and match tones and textures to create an effortlessly fashionable look.

3. Mixing Different Textures and Fabrics

An interesting look is mixing up the textures of your neutrals through different fabrics. It is an easy way to create an interesting look instantly. Pair white denim jeans with a chunky open knit top, and for those extra cold days, you can for a long neutral trench coat. Adding neutral pieces like a jacket and bag in different fabrics and textures will make your look classy. 

4. Using Statement Accessories

You can always enhance your neutral look by accessorizing properly. A good statement piece can do just that. Wear a cream top and trousers, add a cool and classy statement belt, and you have got a cool outfit effortlessly. You can also go for a statement shoe or an interesting bag. You can pair up your statement earrings or necklace. These little details are just elegant tools that can make your head-to-toe neutral look feel so much more stylish.

5. Playing with Patterns

You can mix and match different patterns to create a more exquisite look while wearing neutrals. Think of wearing a chunky knit with a plaid or something geometric with stripes or polka dots, like styling a silk scarf. When mixing patterns, try to pair a larger print with a smaller one to create a visually balanced look.

6. Wearing All-Black Outfit

This is for the black fit lovers, a neutral outfit is not just about whites and creams or lighter shades, and it includes all black or all navy too. For styling an all-black outfit, mixing different fabrics and textures is the best way to make it look more fashionable. When you just wear black, it can make you look flat and kind of boring. I know a lot of people like to wear an all-black outfit because it is slimming and easy, but it is also necessary to make your look interesting - sounds like you have put much effort into it, right? Add different textures and layers and fabrics, and of course, dainty pieces.

For example - combine a pitch-black blazer with a black lacey bralette and straight-fit black trousers. It makes it feel less flat and boring and instead fashion-forward and classy. This looks like you have put effort into the look instead of just throwing on a black blazer and black trousers with a black bralette. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can dusky skin girls go for neutral colors?

Yes, neutral colors are meant for every skin tone but if you have a dusky skin tone, try to avoid earthy tones and washed-out colors as they look less flattering on dusky tones.

2. What neutral colors suit a fair skin girl?

Neutral colors like bright white, grey, and navy suit the best for a fair skin girl. These colors create an attractive contrast with your fair skin color.

3. What statement pieces should I have that can complement a neutral outfit? 

The best thing about neutrals is that they are versatile. You can pair them with a classy belt or with a silk scarf. A little pop of color also works like magic when paired with a neutral fit.