How To Update Dated Or Vintage Clothing

How To Update Dated Or Vintage Clothing

It’s certainly the case that fashion tends to repeat itself and come back every few decades. That’s why it’s worth holding onto those dated or vintage pieces that you may have considered selling or donating to charity.

However, if you’re looking to get some use out of this clothing sooner rather than later, then there are always some useful tips worth knowing in order to update these treasured pieces. With that being said, here are a few tips for updating dated or vintage clothing in your wardrobe.

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Get it cleaned professionally

First and foremost anything that’s old and dated, needs a bit of tender loving care. That means getting it cleaned professionally. A professional dry clean might be just what’s needed to bring the item of clothing back to life.

For example, a coat is open to the elements every time it’s worn and over time, there’s likely to be a few spills and stains caused as a result. Consider a professional cleaning to bring back some life to an old or vintage piece of clothing. It can make a big difference to its appearance and a dramatic one at that.

Add some sparkle

Sparkle always adds a bit of luxury and oomph to an outfit. For some dated and vintage pieces, it might be lacking a bit of life in the piece and adding some beading or gems from Bluestreak Crystals can really have you clutching for that piece of clothing again and again.

We all want to sparkle in life, so why not add it to your clothing? Be sparing with anything sparkly as it can often lean towards tackiness rather than elegance. Select your pieces that are going to be bedazzled and go to town!

Update the finer details like the buttons

Finer details are the parts of the clothing or item that can make it look worn and tired. From the zip that seals up the handbag to the buttons that are clinging within an inch of its life to the coat or cardigan, it used to be so close to.

Updating these little details will give it a newfound lease of life that is a far cry from what it might look like now. It’s also a great way to explore the opportunities that are available when replacing these embellishments. 

Change it into a different type of clothing

If you’re wanting to switch it up completely, then it’s worth changing the clothing to something different. A dress could be chopped and changed to make a skirt, a top could be made into a fashionable scarf.

Approach the styling of it with a modern twist

With anything in life, it’s always good to inject a bit of your own personality into the clothing. Consider approaching your typical styling in a different way. Look at how you could modernise the clothing to make it stand out and become a fashion statement in itself.

Updating dated or vintage clothing is fun, so be sure to use these tips to transform your own pieces lying in the back of your wardrobe.