How to Find Great Deals While Travelling in Sydney

How to Find Great Deals While Travelling in Sydney

How to Find Great Deals While Travelling in Sydney

You don't have to spend a fortune while travelling in Sydney. If you're on a budget, these tips will help you save money while still having a good time:

Getting cheap airfares

One of the best ways to find the best deals in Sydney and save money is to travel during off-peak times. It's also important to consider how far in advance you're booking your flight. If you can plan a trip six months out, great! However, if there are only three weeks until your departure date and it's peak season, then you may have fewer options available as airlines can fill their flights with people who pay higher rates for last-minute tickets.

If possible, try not to book too close to when you'll be travelling—the closer a flight is booked after the initial purchase time frame passes (usually 30 days), the less likely it will be discounted; although some airlines have policies against cancelling or changing flights within three days before departure and up until two hours before departure time itself (10 minutes before scheduled take off).

Consider staying in a hostel or renting an apartment

If you're looking for a cheaper way to sleep during your visit, consider staying in a hostel. The average price for one night's stay at a hostel is $33 per person and includes bedding and breakfast. These accommodations are also great ways to meet people from around the world while you're on vacation.

If you don't mind sharing sleeping quarters with strangers, this option is perfect for getting more bang for your buck. If you want even more space than what's offered by a hostel, consider renting an apartment.

The cost of renting an apartment in Sydney is about the same as staying at a hostel. However, apartments usually come with extra amenities like kitchens or washing machines/dryers that make them more comfortable than hostels.

Buy a travel pass for city transport

A travel pass is a great way to save money while you're in Sydney. You can buy a travel pass for your whole trip, or just for one day. If you're planning on staying in the city, it's best to get a pass that covers multiple zones and allows unlimited rides throughout the metro area. The amount of time validity depends on how long you'll be staying, but generally speaking it's cheaper to purchase passes with longer durations than short ones.

Enjoy free activities

You can have a great time in Sydney by taking advantage of the free activities it offers. Free activities often don’t get as crowded as paid ones, so you won’t have to wait in line for long periods of time. They can also be more fun and authentic than paid activities. For example, if you go on a henna tattoo tour while visiting Sydney, it will feel like your own adventure rather than something that was planned out by someone else just for tourists. Plus, whether it’s snorkelling at Shark Bay or exploring the beaches of Manly Cove Walkway, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding free things to do in Sydney.

Visit museums and art galleries

Museums and art galleries are a great way to get out of the city without needing to go very far. Sydney has over 400 museums and art galleries, and many of them are free to visit. This includes the National Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Australian Museum, both of which have a free entry every day.

Other examples include The Powerhouse Museum (Princess Highway, Ultimo), The Australian National Maritime Museum (Bradleys Head Road, Darling Harbour), Taronga Zoo (Mosman) and more.

Visitors can visit as many museums or galleries as they want during their stay in Sydney without spending a single cent on admission fees. To make sure you get your money's worth at each venue: plan ahead by doing online research before you arrive; consider taking advantage of special events like lectures or workshops that may be happening while you're there; ask questions.

Enjoy the parks, beaches and walking trails

Parks, beaches and walking trails are the perfect ways to enjoy Sydney without spending any money. Parks in particular are great for people who love nature, as they offer a variety of trees and plants that can be used to relax or get some exercise. The best part? They're free.

Beaches offer entertainment in the form of swimming, surfing and other water sports. You can even find free Wi-Fi at some popular beaches so you can surf the web while soaking up some sun rays by the ocean.

Walking trails are great for those who like exploring nature or want an easy way to see all that Sydney has to offer without spending any money. Nature walks offer beautiful views of local wildlife (such as kangaroos) while also giving people a chance to get some exercise while travelling around town.

Eat cheaply at ethnic restaurants

If you're on a budget and want to eat out, then look for restaurants that offer set-price menus. In Sydney, many ethnic restaurants have these kinds of deals for dinner (usually at around $20). A free app called Locanto Dining can help you find these places. If you're in the mood to splurge a bit more, try some of the most famous Japanese or Thai places in town—they'll definitely be worth it.


The best way to travel is with an open mind, a positive attitude and without a lot of money. There are plenty of things you can do for free in Sydney that will help you make the most of your trip, whether it’s checking out the local communities or exploring nature. If you want to save money on accommodation then hostels and apartments are a great option because they provide accommodation at much lower rates than hotels do.