How long does it take for Chebe powder to thicken your hair?

How long does it take for Chebe powder to thicken your hair?

How long does it take for Chebe powder to thicken your hair? 

Most women will agree that looking after hair requires lots of effort - even more so if you have afro-textured hair. Complex hair routines have to be followed, hundreds of different products - and just as many tips - have to be tried out. Oftentimes, however, the results are far removed from those desired, which is why this searching process tends to go on forever. Good news is - 

there is a solution to your endless quest for the ultimate hair care that will thicken and rejuvenate your coils. This article will introduce you to the exceptional properties of the Chebe powder and why it is the greatest choice for your kinky hair. First, however, let’s see what the deal is all about. 

What is Chebe? 

Chebe powder is an ancient hair care remedy that has been used for generations by the local women of Chad in northern Africa. That is why in its native country, it is not simply a product, but an entire multi-century haircare tradition. Like any tradition, it is bound to have flourished through many interpretations and you will find that every family puts its own spin on it. Nevertheless, there is believed to be the same base formula at heart of the powders you will find in stores - a combination of finely ground shébé seeds, cloves, cherry seeds, the misik stone and resin tree sap. Each ingredient contributes to the unique traits of the powder, including nourishment, anti-inflammatory, healing properties, and, quite importantly, moisturization and is known to be the secret to Chadian women having thick, waist-long hair for centuries. Due to these properties, Chebe powder is considered to be the perfect supplement for the oils and butters of your choice, though it is hard to deny that it works best in combination with Chebe oil and Chebe butter, fortifying their effect. 

How to use 

Traditionally, Chadian women create a paste using oil, tallow and Chebe powder and apply it on damp hair. Though they usually leave it in for several days, it is not necessary to do so to achieve results you want - a minimum of two hours will suffice for effectiveness. Equally, as already mentioned, rather than creating your own paste, you can mix Chebe powder with the paste or butter you are using already. It is generally recommended for kinky hair to wear it in protective style in order to avoid damage and this applies even more so when you are using Chebe products. Since Сhebe powder aims to lock in moisture in the shaft of your hair, it is important to facilitate the process by preserving your strands at their strongest. 

How long does it take to achieve results 

Hair is certainly an individual matter and how quickly the changes after applying Chebe powder will be visible can depend on various factors. While on average, you can see very obvious results after 3-4 uses, there are ways in which you can make sure to get results this quickly - or even quicker - for certain. Apart from following the above mentioned “how to” instructions, you might help your hair in other ways and make the process more effective - starting with the things you should avoid. 

Avoid stress 

It is no secret that our mental health can have an impact on our physical state - and our hair is no exception. Stress hormones can prevent the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your hair and skin, resulting in them essentially being deprived of all of the necessary elements for healthy growth and therefore, hair thinning. So make sure to remain as positive as possible - your head will thank you later. 

Avoid heat & chemical damage 

Whether it be using a flat or curling iron - or even worse, bleaching and dyeing your hair - all of these procedures, especially when used frequently for an extended period of time can seriously damage your hair. While the best option would be to avoid these altogether, sometimes, you just just really want to change up your style. If you are really set on any sort of hair procedure in between your Chebe powder uses, you can minimize damage using a hot oil treatment. More specifically, Karkar oil is recommended - since it works on both scalp and hair length, it is a perfect way to strengthen and rid your scalp and hair of all the harmful bacteria so that it can withstand any additional treatment. 

Mind your diet and don’t forget protein 

Another element which is hard to underestimate when you want to grow thicker hair is diet. While there is a great variety of elements that could complement the properties of Chebe, among them vitamin D, zinc and omega-3, protein is particularly foundational to preventing thinning. Fermented rice water works especially great as a natural protein treatment while being complementary to the benefits provided by Chebe.