Better Things to Do Instead of Drinking in the New Year

Better Things to Do Instead of Drinking in the New Year

Better Things to Do Instead of Drinking in the New Year

Looking for sober activities and activities can be challenging, especially if you're with people who, when they gather, are typically going to be drinking.

There are other sober people out there - you just have to find them! Whether you're looking for sober people to dine with, try new activities with, or just looking to connect with others who prefer sobriety, you aren't alone. Apps like The Klubb can help you find those people locally or just in their online community. The Klubb provides a platform for people who are focused on achieving a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. It encourages them to reach their goals and improve their daily performance in life through metrics like nutrition, exercise, and recovery.

Below, we've highlighted some activities you can try instead of drinking to have a good time with your friends (or solo!) and stay sober.

Literally, Just Go Outside

You don't necessarily need to live on a tropical island to start incorporating outdoor activities into your busy schedule. Go on a run, join an outdoor sports league, rent a bike, join a walking group, or see if your gym offers outdoor fitness options! Being active with friends can also have various benefits, such as boosting one's confidence and endorphins. Even going to the park or walking on city streets can positively impact you, making you feel better and reducing time for drinking. If you're in a safe area, try walking home after work for extra Vitamin D.

Volunteer in Your Community

Getting involved in volunteering after work hours can provide you with a new outlook on life. It's not as taxing as it sounds and allows you to experience something completely different. Having a sense of purpose can also be found in staying busy, plus you might meet some new friends with similar interests.

If possible, consider volunteering with animals or children. Most organizations that work in those areas won't necessarily have alcohol nearby.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet can help you focus on something more meaningful, and it can also help you cut down on your drinking. This isn't something you do on a whim, and you should consider if it will benefit you. Focusing your time and attention on a new pet is distracting, plus you can go out and meet other people at dog parks or animal shelters while looking for your new four-legged friend.

Take a Class

Go learn something new instead! This is a great chance to start something on your own and get to know new people in the process. Try an art, dance, or pottery class, maybe go to a lecture or book talk, or perhaps you have something that you'd like to teach to your own community. Many community centers, religious organizations, or colleges have art classes that are reasonably priced. The arts have been proven to help with relaxation, which most people try to achieve through alcohol.

If taking an in-person class is not an option, look at online course alternatives. Sites like MasterClass, and LinkedIn Learning, amongst others, are great places to learn a new skill or for professional development. 

What other ways do you avoid alcohol? What tips or ideas would you share with someone just getting started on a sobriety journey?