7 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Family Pet

7 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Family Pet

7 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Family Pet


Have your kids been pestering you for ages about getting a pet? Do you live alone and want to bring in an addition to your home? No matter the reason, you might be considering adopting a pet. As we are talking about another living being, this is not something you should take lightly. Here are some things to take into account before you make this big step.

Choose what kind of pet you want

First and foremost, you should know what kind of pet you want to get. For example, you have to keep in mind that taking care of a dog is very different from taking care of a hamster or parrot. Therefore, carefully go over what you’d like from a pet and whether you can even care for one and do Visit Spicy Animals to know about the basic care steps for your pet.

Think about the cost of things

Money is typically not the first thing on your mind when thinking about getting pets, but you have to make sure you can actually afford to get one. Do you plan on adopting one from a local shelter or buying one? Adopting one might be more affordable. Then, you have to think about all the vet visits that you will have to pay for. From spaying and neutering to vaccinations, there will be plenty to pay for. You also cannot overlook food that you will regularly have to get for them, as well as some modifications that you might have to make to your home.

Make sure you have plenty of space

Speaking of modifications, you first have to make sure your home is adequate for housing a pet. Do you live in a rental? Does your landlord allow pets? Perhaps certain kinds are prohibited like American Pit Bull or Akita. Even if you own an apartment, think about whether a Great Dane will have enough space there. Some pets are better suited for houses with big yards. With that in mind, you also want to put up a sturdy fence around your property to prevent them from running away. You have to think about your interior too. Some pet-proofing might be necessary.

Invest in their safety

Besides pet-proofing your home by getting rid of toxic plants and installing fences, there are other ways how you can invest in your pet’s safety. For example, while you might make sure there are no holes in your backyard fence, you never know when your pets might escape because you’ve forgotten to close the front door. If that ever happens, it’s recommended to have a smart pet ID tag that will help anyone who finds your little friend return them to you in no time, without having to visit a vet’s office.

Decide if you have enough time

Something that is also important is how much time you have to actually spend with the pet. If your kids are already in three after-school activities and you have a job and a million other obligations, it might not be the time to add a pet to the mix. Only get a pet if you’re sure you can devote enough time to them. While some are less demanding, dogs, for example, need to go on regular walks unless you have plenty of outdoor space. Make sure you’re not jumping into this but actually pick an animal that suits your lifestyle. So, for example, if you’re into fitness, get a dog that can go on runs and hikes with you. If you’re homebodies, stick to cats and hamsters.

Consider pet-sitting options

If your family is often outside the home, you also need to think about pet-sitting options. If your kids are in school and you are at work, are you comfortable leaving your pet alone at home? Does someone have to check up on them from time to time? Would it be better to drop them off somewhere? The same goes for when you leave home for a longer period of time, like for a vacation.

Don’t forget about grooming

Finally, depending on what you choose to get, you might have to think about grooming. While cats are rather minimal, dogs might require more care based on the breed you opt for. Some tasks you might be able to do yourself, while others might need some professional assistance. Before you get a pet, make sure you understand what caring for it entails.

If you’re thinking of getting your first family pet, make sure to keep these considerations in mind before you take the leap.

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