5 ways to beat the freeze this winter

5 ways to beat the freeze this winter

 5 ways to beat the freeze this winter

 1. Fight the frost

As we get into winter, frost becomes a regular site on those chilly mornings. If you have a greenhouse or growing space in your home or garden, it can be a frustrating blight on budding plants ruining their chances of blooming come the spring, especially when there is a late frost. 

The best way to prevent this is to try and control the atmosphere they grow in, such as a greenhouse, shed or tent but another brilliant way of creating an ambient temperature during those chilly temperatures is by using tube heaters, which can be linked to a thermostat that is programmed to turn on when the temperature drops below a certain level – keeping frost at bay. 

2. Keep your home comfortable for less

Many people are hesitant to turn on their heating this winter due to rising energy prices and concerns about how they will afford to foot the bill. Tube heaters can help take the edge off the chill and create a comfortable background temperature which can be helpful if you don’t want the heating on all day or to keep a space comfortable overnight or during the morning before you are out for the day. 

Tube heaters are low cost to run, around 1-2p per foot an hour, so can be kept on for long hours at little cost, creating an ideal solution for those trying to keep warm this winter. 

3. Warm less used rooms

You may choose to only heat one or two rooms in the home, but this can mean that when you do need to use other rooms, they are unbearably cold such as kitchens and utilities. Why not consider using a tube heater in these rooms to provide a background temperature so it is comfortable to use?

This can also help prevent the risk of mould and dampness which can occur when warm air meets cold air in your home, helping to prevent costly repairs or health risks. 

 4. Invest in draught excluders 

Do you feel a draught in your home or feel cold no matter what you do to heat the home? Draughts can let heat escape and make your home feel cold. Around 40% of the heat in your home can be lost through windows and doors, which with current energy prices is an expensive loss!

Replacing windows or doors for secure frames and double glazing is ideal, but a cost-effective option to get you through the winter is to invest in draught excluders and draught preventing measures. Add draught excluders to your letter box and gaps under doors, or place draught excluders between connecting doors inside – these can be purchased cheaply or even made at home!

You can buy window insulation kits and seals cheaply to fill gaps and prevent heat from escaping. Keep curtains closed in the evening and ideally have them longer than the window frame to help prevent heat from escaping. 

 5. Layer up 

Did you know lots of thinner layers are better at keeping you warm than fewer thick layers? When dressing for the cold, use thinner layers then these can be added and removed as needed and keep warm air between layers. 

Invest in good thermal socks, hats and gloves to protect the extremities as well as a thick throw and blankets you can wrap up in. Blanket hoodies are booming with popularity for good reason, so whilst you won’t look stylish, you’ll be warm!