5 Tips For Upgrading Your Summer Wardrobe

5 Tips For Upgrading Your Summer Wardrobe

5 Tips For Upgrading Your Summer Wardrobe 

There are many reasons why people can't help but fall in love with summer. It’s the perfect season for trips to the beach, outdoor barbecues, family picnics at the park, and many other fun activities. 

But the best part may be the new fashion style. Welcoming the warm season also means you need to spruce up your wardrobe to look and feel at your best. 

Summer is when you can start wearing clothes that show off a bit of skin. Short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and shorts will be must-haves in your closet. But before you start filling up your cart at your favorite shops like Scanlan Theodore and other online brands, you should first know what you need to get the perfect summer get-ups. 

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Here are five easy yet effective tips to upgrade your summer wardrobe.

  • Find References And Inspirations  

Everyone wants to look their best this summer. But before you start mixing and matching, it's best to check if you have a style you can pull off first. 

To do that, the first step is to get inspiration from others. Check your favorite fashion sites, online stores, famous vloggers, and celebrities, and see if they have any summer fashion ideas. 

There are also a ton of online references if you want to adopt a new style this summer. Pick up some brand-new style tips from social media and go experimental. As long as it brings out your best, any look can be the right one for you. So, find and choose to your heart’s delight.

  • Go For Breathable And Light Fabrics  

Never overlook the importance of fabrics when overhauling your summer wardrobe.

As a rule, wear light and breathable clothing in hot weather. Depending on your city or location, the temperature can get pretty intense. So, wearing comfortable and cool clothes is crucial. After all, it would be useless to look great but feel sweaty and uncomfortable underneath.  

Summertime is a great time for outdoor activities. Therefore, use light fabrics that let you move and sweat freely. There are dresses, shirts, and shorts made of flowy fabrics which are breathable and lightweight. Go for cotton, lawn cloth, chiffon, and other light materials. The ultimate goal is to feel cool while looking great. 

  • Experiment With Accessories  

You can't go wrong with being playful and vibrant. This is the season to pull off that gorgeous bright pink headband you haven't worn elsewhere for the entire year. As mentioned before, it’s the perfect time to experiment. Just make sure to balance everything out (or not. That depends on you!).

To make your outfit stand out, you'll need some accessories. This is a surefire way to elevate any outfit. If you're wearing casual denim with white tops, you can pair them with bangles, a statement necklace, and a unique cap to complete the look. Learn some tips for buying jewelry online to get the best deals. Also, don't forget to protect your eyes from glare and enhance your style. That means putting on a trendy pair of sunglasses.

  • Work With Both Plain Colors And Patterns  

Summer is the best time to play with colors and patterns. They help brighten up your style and allow you to express yourself. However, when mixing and matching these elements, it's important to make them complement altogether.  

Not all patterns will go well with your summer wardrobe. Likewise, not all vibrant colors can work together to create a chic outfit. When done excessively, you could end up having a fashion disaster. 

To stay on the safe side, start with a basic, neutral base. From there, slowly add patterns like florals and Aztecs. See if they still make a coherent image and silhouette.  

  • Layering Is Fine  

Layering is still a good way to dress up despite the hot weather. The key is to go for light cardigans, jackets, and kimono tops. Add some of these staple pieces to your summer wardrobe to create more diverse looks. Layering can be a fun way to pull off different summer looks. 

You can layer something over sheer bralettes and tank tops to balance and mediate the skin you're showing. Also, these layers can be useful when you're still spending time outside during the evenings. After all, summer nights can also be chilly, depending on your city.

Ready For Sun, Sand, And Sea?

Summer is many people’s favorite season to dress up and let loose. It's time to take advantage of this shift in the weather to try out different looks and aesthetics. Overhaul your closet and create a summer wardrobe by taking note of the tips above. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and confidently wear what speaks to you.