5 Bikinis To Shop For Before Your Next Getaway

5 Bikinis To Shop For Before Your Next Getaway

5 Bikinis To Shop For Before Your Next Getaway

Finding the right bikini is essential. The right bikini bathing suit can make your time away so much more enjoyable. Without uncomfortable fabrics or styles that aren't right for your body shape, you can feel beautiful in your bathing suit and focus on your vacation with less interference. 

Beyond personal comfort, you also want a bikini with the styles, colors, and designs that you like. You might also want a bathing suit that's different from your others to add to your collection. Whatever's prompted your need to shop for a new bikini, we’ve got you covered.

The challenge is finding the right bikini for you. Everyone has a different body shape and sense of style. To make the hunt for the perfect bikini easier, we've made a list of five trendy bikini types for you to consider, including the popular thong bikini from RhyleSwim. Read on to determine which bikini is best for you. 

  • A Thong Bikini 

One style to consider is the thong bikini. With the option to adjust the straps higher up or lower down on the hips, you can fit the bikini to your body shape and feel comfortable in your bathing suit. A thong bikini is also a go-to choice for those who don't want to feel restricted by the bathing suit material while splashing in the water or walking around. Since thong bikinis have less fabric, you'll have more flexibility to move around comfortably, making a thong bikini a top choice for a getaway bathing suit. 

  • A Bandeau Bikini

If you don't like straps, a bandeau bikini is the bathing suit to consider. Without straps, you have a tube top style bikini which is excellent for total tanning potential. Without the chance of streaks or lines, like the thong bikini, a bandeau bikini is an ideal choice for those wanting to maximize their tanning potential. 

  • A Cutout Bikini

Cutout-style bathing suits provide the wearer with extra room to breathe. Cutouts on the top and the bottom give your body room to breathe while still providing you with the coverage you want in your bikini. Cutouts also add stretch, allowing for extra room; these are perfect for those who fall between standard sizes. 

  • A Metallic Bikini 

Metallic bikinis are a top choice if you're looking for a suit that offers something unique in design. The sunshine will also reflect off your bikini effortlessly, allowing you to glow in the sun, looking and feeling your best. 

  • A Patterned Bikini 

Patterned bikinis like striped or polka-dotted suits are playful design choices that allow you to showcase your style in your bathing suit. Patterned bikinis are the way to go if you prefer designs over solid colors for your bathing suits. 

Enjoy Your Getaway To The Fullest With The Right Bikini

Find the right bikini for you and enjoy your next getaway to the fullest! Focus on finding a bathing suit that supports your body shape and personal style, and consider the above options for inspiration.