3 adult toys you didn’t know existed

3 adult toys you didn’t know existed

3 adult toys you didn't know existed

Adult toys are one of the most popular ways to freshen up bedroom fun for couples or reignite solo play for singles. While you might know all about the most common ones to enjoy, there could be some adult toys you didn't even know existed! It's worth finding out more about them because they can bring something unique and different to your sexual adventures. If you decide to order a new toy you have never heard about before, just remember to look out for sex toys next day delivery or those with same-day delivery. Websites such as https://pleasuredelights.co.uk/ offers this service which will ensure you get to enjoy your new purchase without any delay! But what are the three adult toys you might not have heard about before?

  1. Metal penis and ball crusher

This adult toy can really spice up your sex life. It's the perfect toy for couples who are looking to experiment with new sensations and new dynamics in the bedroom. As a CBT toy, it puts women in full control and gives them the power to send their man wild. For men who enjoy CBT play, this little-known toy is ideal for blending pain and pleasure together into one sensual package.

  1. Vibrating heated nipple teasers

Although you may know all about standard nipple clamps, heated nipple teasers which vibrate might be a new experience for you. Particularly good for those who are new to this kind of bedroom fun, vibrating heated nipple teasers are easy to use and feel amazing when in place. In addition, they can be just as much fun for singles enjoying me-time or couples looking to tease each other. The intense erotic stimulation provided has to be felt to be believed and makes them an adult toy which will soon become much more well-known!

  1. Sex sling

When it comes to less commonly known adult toys, sex slings are also worth a mention. These are a great way for any couple to enhance their sex life and are simple to use. Not only does this toy deliver deeper penetration during intercourse for greater pleasure, but it also enables more precise G-spot stimulation. Fitting around both ankles and then the neck, sex slings also keep your hands free to fully explore your partner's body.

Let little-known adult toys transform your sex life

We all know how great adult toys are for spicing up your sex life. As the above shows though, it's not just about familiar toys like dildos, vibrators and spankers! There really is a whole world of little-known sex toys to explore out there which can add an extra zing to any bedroom over Christmas and into the new year.