Why Is a Well-Woman Exam Important in Preventive Health Care?

Why Is a Well-Woman Exam Important in Preventive Health Care?

Why Is a Well-Woman Exam Important in Preventive Health Care?

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Many women often tend to postpone their health exams for as long as possible. However, that is a bad idea that can cause various health issues to arise over time. That is why it is recommended for all women to go to their well-woman exams every year. 

It sounds like an inconvenience, but there are a lot of reasons why you should include well-woman exams as frequently as possible. What’s more, all gynecologists recommend those exams in order to prevent any health issues or simply make sure everything is in order. So, let’s see why this exam is important. 

Provides Basic Information about Reproductive Health

Every well-woman exam in the world provides women with basic information and the state of their gynecological and reproductive health. No matter if you are in Florida, California, England, France, or any other place, your exam will include the same basic examinations - a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. These two simple exams will make sure your health is in order or if there are any irregularities that need to be treated. 

During your well-woman exam, you will get information about the health of your vagina, vulva, cervix, and uterus. Additionally, any infections, bacteria, or even early stages of cancer can be caught with a Pap smear which can greatly help you prevent any bigger issues with your reproductive system. 

You Can Get Answers to Your Questions

No matter the age, women often do have a lot of questions regarding their gynecological and reproductive health. At a young age, women may be concerned with any STDs or other infections, their symptoms, and birth control and how it works. Older women often seek answers regarding their ovulations, if they can get pregnant, and how much time has left to conceive. An annual well-woman exam can provide answers to all those questions, and that’s why it is important. 

What’s more, many clinics could even recommend some other treatments for issues you may have. For example, OBGYN services in South Florida include a treatment called the Mona Lisa touch. Many doctors will recommend this treatment in America to women who have issues controlling their bladder, among many other things. 

Additionally, you can learn a lot about your body during these exams. You can ask any question you want, and find out about your hormones, perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopausal care. 

Learn More about Your Physical Health

A well-woman exam is not only about reproductive health. It can also provide great insight into your overall physical health. You can undergo blood tests, blood pressure tests, ultrasounds, and many other things that can tell you a lot about your body. As we age our bodies change, and daily stress and a fast pace of life are certainly not helping. That’s why it’s important to do the blood work regularly to find out if you have to change your diet, lifestyle, or any other aspect of your life. Additionally, it is a great prevention for heart disease and it can lower your risks of more severe health complications. 

Creating a Lasting Relationship

Annual well-woman exams help you create two important relationships - with your doctor and yourself. Self-care is important today due to the hectic lifestyles we lead. There is a lot of stress and we forget to take care of ourselves. So, making time to go for an annual exam to make sure your body is healthy is a must for every human being. 

Additionally, if you regularly go to these exams you can create a strong bond with your doctor. That way, your doctor will always know how to help you and learn your medical history. This is vital in order to get the best care there is and to get that much-needed help on staying healthy. Plus, with each visit, you can update your records and learn how to prevent any chronic or even genetic diseases and health issues. 

Women go through a lot of stress on a daily basis. There are also a lot of obligations one woman has to do in a day. They take care of children, partners, and the house, and go to work every day. That is why most women tend to postpone taking care of themselves until some issues have surfaced. As a result, they ignore symptoms and tend to get very sick later. However, every human being should make time for themselves and take good care of their bodies. That is why a well-woman exam is crucial for every woman no matter her age. 

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