What’s the right hair extension tool bundle for you?

What’s the right hair extension tool bundle for you?

What's the right hair extension tool bundle for you?

As a professional, you use so many different tools when applying, removing, and refitting hair extensions for your clients at your beauty salon. You could be looking for innovative, more efficient, and time-saving tools or you may simply wish to restock certain products, while getting higher quality items, of course. 

In any case, you should be aware of the various bundles available on the market. When you know what you currently want and need for your customers, it’s easy to search for and find the right tools for your business. Keep reading to discover several hair extension tool bundles and what they include in this guide. 

Tape Bundle

This bundle is the one you should get if your preferred method of applying hair extensions is using tape. This kit has everything you need and more, including a brush, holder, sectioning ring, hair gripper pads, and pliers. Maintain customer satisfaction and always look professional when doing your job with these tools meant for experienced hairdressers. 

Weave Bundle

This bundle is perfect for you if you’re working with weave hair extensions. It has a holder, unpicker, pack of 10 needles, loop, brush, weaving thread available in various colours, hair gripper pads, and pliers.

It’s certainly a good investment and you’ll find that the tools this bundle comes with are all so easy to use. They also help tackle issues hairdressers normally face. For example, you won’t have to worry about hurting your hands anymore, because the pliers’ handles in this bundle are soft. Every tool is designed to make your job easier. 

Nano and Micro Bundle

This bundle was put together with hairdressers in mind, being aimed at those hair specialists who want to improve their technique when it comes to fitting individual beaded extensions. It includes a holder, loop, brush, pack of hair gripping pads, and pliers. 

Refit Bundle

This bundle is meant for refitting hair extensions. It contains a refit rack, a refit brush, a sectioning ring, hair sectioning pads, and section clips. If you’re seeking the ultimate kit to use at work and impress your clients with your fast pace and efficiency, this is definitely a bundle worth considering. 

Blow Dry Bundle

This bundle was designed for the most professional blow dry you can offer your customers. It’s made up of one paddle brush, one round large brush, one wide tooth comb, and sectioning clips. Get this one and your clients will leave your hair salon feeling happy and proud of themselves for choosing you. 

Holder Bundle

This type of bundle is ideal for you if you’re after novelty, innovation, and game-changing tools. The revolutionary items this bundle includes are unique and specifically designed for hair experts like yourself. The bundle contains two different kinds of holders and a refit rack. 

These products are more than useful, as they help you keep extensions tidy and in order when applying, removing, and reapplying them for your customers. As a hair specialist, you should always invest in the latest tools in order to save time and money for your business. New ways to work faster and more efficiently are always welcome and this is a perfect example of that. 

Brush Bundle

This bundle was created for hair specialists who only want to work with professional brushes. It contains three blow dry brushes that come in the sizes small, medium, and large and one paddle brush. They’re easy to use and they ensure the best results for your clients.