Top 5 Workspaces for Business Travelers

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Top 5 Workspaces for Business Travelers

Business travel demands that you find the perfect office space at your destination. However, finding a suitable workspace to be productive might be challenging and exhausting, especially if you are taking your business dealings to that place for the first time. Ultimately, you might end up renting a workspace that is not worth a dime of your money. To avoid falling victim to search, here is a list of the top 5 workspaces that you can rent when you travel for business:


If you plan to travel to another country, your company must find suitable office spaces before the journey. Finding these spaces will help you avoid having important business meetings in noisy coffee shops or cafeterias. Squarefoot is your best shot if you need office spaces in New York. Squarefoot provides beautiful and comfortable workspaces at affordable prices. And you can rent them monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly, depending on your preference. The company has a team of highly experienced and professional brokers who are always available to help you find the best workspaces that suit your budget. These brokers have sophisticated tools like office space calculators to help you calculate the exact amount of space you and your team will need, and they will answer your questions if you have any. Squarefoot helps you save a substantial amount on office space rent because of their relatively cheap and client-friendly offers.


Outsite is a workspace company that creates a relaxing and serene environment for business travelers. With Outsite, you get a place to stay and a workspace with a high-speed internet connection in a friendly environment and access to other creative remote workers with whom you can share ideas and develop friendships. You can find Outsite workspaces in New York City, San Diego, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Santa Cruz, Puerto Rico, Venice Beach, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado, Texas, and so on. When you rent any of their office spaces, you enjoy other facilities, such as the convenience of Airbnb and free outdoor services.


WeWork is a workspace agency with over 700 locations globally. They have private rent-and-move-in offices, shared office spaces with dedicated desks, and conducive meeting rooms available by the hour with high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment, phone booths, and business-class printers. Workspaces are available for booking hourly, daily, and monthly. You can even rent an office space for as long as you want. You can also have conversations and share business ideas with a friendly community that you meet when you rent their coworking office spaces. They have a "one membership, hundreds of locations'' policy, meaning that once you pay for a particular membership level, you can access different WeWork office space locations worldwide. Their workspaces are equipped with well-maintained and monitored HVAC systems to ensure proper ventilation and air filtration.


Metro Offices provide flexible private office spaces and shared workspace for rent at pocket-friendly prices. They help you establish a professional business presence with their fully equipped office spaces that suit your needs. Metro Offices has over 60 on-demand meeting and training rooms with high technology equipment attached to their workspaces, as well as other services such as fast and secure Wi-Fi, frequent cleaning services and complimentary refreshments. Metro offices provide customized office spaces designed with your team in mind. If you are a new client, you get up to two months of free rent based on your term length.


LiquidSpace has workspaces in major cities in Canada, the United States and Australia. If you are on an extendable business trip, LiquidSpace is the right company. They have flexible rental options such that you can book an office, a desk, or a conference room hourly or monthly. The private offices offer 24/7 access, furnished workspaces, business lounges onsite, community cafes, and mail. 

Booking a workspace before going on a business trip can save you time and prevent wasted expenses on hotel rooms. Conducting your business in a shared office space can boost your productivity and help enhance your collaboration skills as you meet and share business ideas with other traveling professionals. By renting a private office space, you can concentrate better and reach your business goals.