Top 10 Things To Do In Kuwait: Discover The Flavors of The Local Life

Top 10 Things To Do In Kuwait: Discover The Flavors of The Local Life

Top 10 Things To Do In Kuwait: Discover The Flavors of The Local Life

Kuwait is tucked away in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. It has skyscrapers, modern architecture, and a long coastline that everyone should see at least once. The three Kuwait Towers, which provide an uninterrupted view of the stunning Persian Gulf, proudly reside in the State of Kuwait. The Kuwait National Museum and the Grand Mosque are both located in Kuwait City.

The oil-rich, serene desert spring is an incredible spot to begin investigating the Center East. You'll be able to plan and enjoy your trip to the Persian Gulf with the assistance of this list of the ten best places to visit in Kuwait through proper flight booking.

Make plans to stay in Kuwait's largest city to see everything there is to see and do. These are some that you should add to your schedule.

1. The Grand Mosque of Kuwait

The Grand Mosque is Kuwait's largest mosque and a very famous landmark. It is near the three towers. It is revered throughout the Gulf for its intricate Islamic architecture, which has earned it a reputation.

The Grand Mosque is probably one of the most important places to see in Kuwait City. Worked somewhere in the range of 1979 and 1986, the site attracts explorers around the world. In Kuwait, it is regarded as a national treasure.

The mosque is a must-see due to its intricate Islamic architecture and Persian design that spans more than 46000 square meters. Entry to the Grand Mosque is free. There is a severe clothing regulation, and ladies will be expected to wear a headscarf and abaya.

2. Kuwait Towers

Pay a visit to the three Kuwait Towers while traveling the Arabian Gulf road. The first is an amazing 614 feet tall, while the subsequent one is around 482 feet high and weavers the city. The purpose of Kuwait's third tower is to illuminate the other two. The breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf is provided by the staggering height. They charge a small entrance fee and are open to the public weekdays.

3. Kuwait National Museum

The Kuwait National Museum, which was designed by a French architect Michel Ecochard and is also located on Arabian Gulf Street, is another major tourist destination in Kuwait. There are three main sections to the museum: The Planetarium, Heritage, and Archaeology pay attention to the stunning collection from Failaka Island while you are there. 

The National Assembly of Kuwait and Seif Palace are both right next to the museum. If you have time, take a look around the rest of Arabian Gulf Street while you're here. The Green Island water park, Dickson House Museum, Seif Palace, and sandy beaches like Arabian Gulf Beach are just a few of the many come  and enjoy these attractions of Kuwait through flight booking.

4. Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Al-Mubarakiya Souk as one of Kuwait's oldest markets, it is a local favorite and one of the most well-known bazaars.

Obviously, the market is important to the history of Kuwait because it was a place of business before the Arabian Gulf nation discovered oil reserves. As more modern buildings have been added to the market's old school buildings, it is now a place where history and modernity meet.

At the souk, you can find almost anything, from gifts and souvenirs to dates, dried fruit, olives, jewelry, and even products made in other countries.

5. Al Shaheed Park

One of most famous Kuwait's attractions is Al Shaheed Park. The metropolitan park, worked by Al Diwan Al Amiri in 2015, contains rambling green regions, professional flowerbeds, and a fake lake that likewise fills in as a water supply. Additionally, it boasts one of the world's finest green roof structures. It is Kuwait's largest urban park, and it has two museums, gift shops, and numerous restaurants. The park in Kuwait City, which is on Soor Street, is open to everyone for free.

6. Cubes Iceland

Kubbar Island is just 30 kilometers from Kuwait's southern coast, where you can have a great beach vacation through flight booking for Kuwait. This tiny island has a lot of sandy beaches and clear water all around it.

7. Hawally

One of six territories in Kuwait, Hawalli is a different and vivid city tracked down in the eastern piece of Kuwait at the Persian Bay's delta. This small island is best delighted in from January to May. It is only six kilometers from Kuwait City, meaning you can land at Kuwait Worldwide Air terminal and afterward get a transport by CityBus or KPTC.

Make sure to stop by the Mirror House, the Tareq Rajab Museum, the Bayan Palace, the Bayan Botanical Garden, and the Masjid Al Imam Al Baqer while you're there. You can see all of these places in a day or two if you're in a hurry before moving on to Salwa, your next destination.

8. Salwa

Salwa is located between Messila and Rumaithiya and is regarded as one of the most important cities in a Middle Eastern nation. It is part of the Hawalli province. However, a special mention needs to be made of the multicultural and bustling hub.

Before moving on, stop for a bite to eat, buy some souvenirs, and go to the Mohammad A Khorafi Mosque, Injafa Beach, and Badria Al Ahmad Mosque. There are numerous excellent hotels to choose from if you stay for longer.

9. Al Ahmadi

Next, one of Kuwait's best cities should be visited: Al Ahmadi Al Ahmadi was developed around the oil field that was discovered there, and it was established in 1946 on the southern end of the country.

The city, which is named after Sheikh Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, has many parks and the Kuwait Oil Company Display Center. A different perspective on Kuwait's glamorous tourist attractions can be found in the sandy city.

10. Farwaniya

Farwaniya, one of Kuwait's most important residential areas and the location of the Kuwait International Airport. The city of indulgence and retail therapy is here. Rugs and clothing are among the items you'll come across, as are perfumes, local dried fruit, and metal ornaments.