Tips to Keep Your House Move Eco-Friendly

Tips to Keep Your House Move Eco-Friendly

Tips to Keep Your House Move Eco-Friendly 


Moving every so often is a necessary fact of life. It’s burdensome, time consuming and exhausting but it can also be rewarding, exciting and exhilarating. However, for whatever may be undesirable about moving, you should also keep the environment in mind. This way you can make things cost effective while also being kind to the earth. 

We’ll discuss a few tips to keep your house move eco-friendly. These include using plant-based cleaners, reducing your total load, being mindful of packing materials and taking consideration of the vehicle you use. While there are other aspects, these are the most important ones that can cause the greatest environmental damage. 

Use Plant-Based Cleaners 

Whether leaving your old home or arriving at your new house, it’s imperative you use eco-conscious cleaners. Plant-based ones are ideal. Not only will they be good for the environment but they will also be safe for you and your family, including your pets. 

Avoid cleaners that have bleach, formaldehyde and ammonia, among other harsh chemicals. These have the potential to poison water supplies as well as cause illnesses in animals and people. At the very least, they can inflict skin and eye irritation that will be difficult to recover. If you end up with such an affliction, it will hold up your ability to move. 

Reduce Your Load 

The moment you know you’re going to move, it’s imperative that you reduce the amount you take along. But, here’s the trick: DO NOT THROW THINGS AWAY OR TAKE THEM TO THE DUMP. 

Cook All Perishable Food 

First, start cooking all your perishable food and keep groceries to a minimum. Anything that will keep for a long period you can pack up and take with you. Try to aim for one or two containers of all the food you take to the new home. 

Have a Garage or Yard Sale 

Then, if there’s time, have a yard or garage sale for all the stuff you no longer want, need or use. Not only will you be able to pinch a few pounds for a rainy day, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of things you bring.  

In the event you can’t sell things like furniture, large appliances and electronics, find recycling centres or a junk dealer. Oftentimes, they will pick these up for you and dispose of them without any effort on your part. 

Packing Materials 

To reduce the use of things like plastic and cardboard when you move, use storage crates and suitcases. You can repurpose these in your new home and you won’t contribute to more garbage or landfill dumping. You can also do a hunt through places like Freecyle or Gumtree to take other peoples’ packing boxes off their hands. 

For securing delicate and fragile items, don’t use Styrofoam popcorn or bubble wrap. Use towels, clothing, bed sheets, soft toys, comforters and other similar items that you plan to take to your new home. This way you can pack multiple things at once without having to find a separate packing container for them. 

Haul It in One Trip 

One of the biggest ways you can make your house move more eco-friendly is by hiring movers or renting a truck that will be large enough for all your belongings in one haul. If you can’t do it in one trip, try to keep it to three or less. This will reduce the use of fuel while also lowering carbon emissions. 

Avoid using multiple fuel-based vehicles too. One or two automobiles, trucks and/or trailers will be the best way to maintain an eco-friendly move. Also, moving at a time of day where there won’t be rush hour traffic is most ideal. 

Moving Vehicles 

The kind of moving vehicle you choose will matter as well. Obviously, going with a hybrid or all-electric truck will be much more cost effective and environmentally friendly than one with all petrol. 

If you plan on having movers, be sure to inquire about their eco-friendly practices. You may have to call several places in order to find one that aligns with your environmental plan and your bank account. Ensure their quotes are simple, affordable and easy to understand.